The whistle-blower NACP will sue Lutsenko

Разоблачительница НАПК будет судиться с Луценко

According to Anna Solomatina, the state office of public Prosecutor illegally took the case of corruption in NACP from NABOO.

Head of financial control Department of the national Agency for the prevention of corruption Anna Solomatina, to disclose information on corruption in the NACP, announced that it will sue the attorney General of Yuria’s Lutsenko and the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office, demanding the return of the case about the abuse of the national Agency for prevention of corruption in NABOO.

“Shame, Yuriy Lutsenko, shame, Nazar Golodnitsky. How could you refer the matter to the SBU, when he knew that the accusers testified the Deputy chief of the SBU KARPUSHINA? It Karpushin brought back a package of documents about abuses in the NACP, which my colleague drove on Resnicow. Returned unregistered and said: do not meddle,” said Solomatin.

“And the attorney General and wrote Moustapha nayem, what about a package is not true. That is, Yury Lutsenko, without hearing testimony without checking the facts, reading the case materials, already sure in advance that the witnesses lied? What will be the outcome of such an “impartial” investigation and what fate awaits us and our families?”, – she added.

Solomatina said the investigators, with whom the plaintiffs contacted the night before, said that last week drove in SAP applications and materials, and they refused each time.

“We will fight to return our business to NABOO. We believe only the detectives NAB. We don’t care what sort of relationship between NABOO, SAP or NACP. They – the ones who we trust and we will work with them,” said Solomatin.

She called on human rights activists and advocates of independence to help prepare a lawsuit against the attorney General and the ARS “for their illegal decision, lies, betrayal and violation of our rights.”

Also, the NACP plaintiffs appealed to the international organizations Transparency International Ukraine, UNDP in Ukarinu, Human Rights Watch, the EU, Freedom House and the OSCE in Ukraine and to the embassies of USA, Japan, Canada, the UK, Denmark, Italy, France, Germany and other countries with an appeal not to stay away.

We will remind, the head of financial control Department of the national Agency for the prevention of corruption Anna Solomatina has accused the head of the NACP Natalia Korchak fraud checks electronic declarations and abuse of position.

She also stated that “NACP is the curator of” in the President’s Administration tried to establish control over the decisions of the Agency.