The white race is smarter. Genetics with Nobel denied titles

Белая раса умнее. Генетика с Нобелем лишили званий

Around an outstanding scientist of the newly erupted scandal over his statements about the intellectual differences between the races.

American genetics James Watson received the Nobel prize for deciphering the DNA molecule, stripped of honorary titles for the words about the intellectual differences between the races.

This is not the first politically incorrect statement genetics. The relationship between the level of intelligence with a racial background he said in 2007. But then recanted his words and apologized. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Intellectual differences

James Watson is an American biologist and geneticist who in 1953 together with Francis Crick deciphered the structure of DNA. In 1962 they, along with one of the authors of the x-ray images of DNA with Maurice Wilkins, were awarded the Nobel prize in physiology and medicine.

Later, Watson headed a leading research center in the field of molecular biology and genetics Laboratory, cold spring Harbor, which he directed until 1994. After that, he became President and Chancellor of the Laboratory.

Watson – the winner of nearly 30 awards, the first of which he received in 1960 for excellence in biochemistry. He is also a member of numerous American and European scientific associations and holds honorary degrees from 20 universities and colleges.

In 2007, the geneticist gave an interview with British newspaper the Sunday Times, which stated that “pessimistic about the prospects of Africa” because “all our social setup is based on the premise that their intelligence is the same as ours, whereas tests show that this is not so.”

Watson also said that all hope for universal equality, but “people who have to deal with black employees, I know that’s not true.”

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Manual cold spring Harbor, Watson was suspended from the performance of all administrative duties after this interview. The scientist apologized and then the Laboratory preserved for him the honorary title of the honored Chancellor of the institution.

“There is no scientific basis for such beliefs,” – said the scientist then

In January 2019 on the American channel PBS released a documentary film about 90-year-old Watson. There he answers the question, changed his beliefs since 2007.

“Not at all. I wish they changed to a new knowledge that education is stronger than nature. But I have not seen such knowledge,” he said.

The scientists noted that “between blacks and whites has a genetic difference in the tests for intelligence”.

A week after the film’s release in the air of the Laboratory cold spring Harbor announced that deprive Watson of his title of honorary Chancellor and other titles, in spite of his “outstanding contribution to science.”

“The statements made in the film, is fundamentally at odds with our goals, values and policies. Therefore, we are forced to curtail any form of our cooperation with him”, – explained in the organization.


Other controversial statements genetics

The views of Watson has caused ambiguous reaction of the public before this event. For example, he said that fat people are not ambitious enough.

“When you as the employer hold the interview with a fat person, you always feel uncomfortable, because I know that is not going to take it to work,” he said.

In addition, he proposes to use genetic engineering to create exceptionally beautiful girls, earning accusations of endorsement of eugenics.

In an interview in 1997, Watson said that a pregnant woman should have the right to an abortion if a genetic test will establish that her child is homosexual. The scientist then said that his words were taken out of context and he only meant that women have the right to an abortion for any reason.

In 2000, speaking in Berkeley, a scientist stated that black people do libido higher because of skin colour: “That’s why I speak only about Latin lovers, but not about English. English is only patient.”

At a conference in Dublin in 2012, Watson stated that women in the laboratory men become “fun”.

“Well, that [at the time of the discovery of the DNA structure] was not around women – I’d thought about them, not about DNA. I think when women are close [in the lab], that men becomes more fun, but they are not as efficient at work,” said geneticist.


Sold the Nobel medal

In 2014, Dr Watson sold his gold medal, a Nobel prize winner, stating that the scientific community was subjected to ostracism after his statements about the differences in intellectual and physical development of different races.

As a result, trading medal went under the hammer at Christie’s auction for $ 4.8 million. The Nobel medals are made of 18-carat green gold, covered with a layer of 24-carat gold.

Белая раса умнее. Генетика с Нобелем лишили званий

James Watson / Getty

Watson then stated that he intends to give part of the proceeds from the sale of the medal of money for charity and support research. Award Watson became the first medal in the history of the award, sold by the winner during his lifetime.

It was bought by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, who immediately said he intends to return it to Watson. In 2015, during the visit of genetics in Moscow, where he performed at the Academy of Sciences, he returned the medal.


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