The who announced the invention of a vaccine against Ebola

ВОЗ заявила об изобретении вакцины против Эболы

An experimental vaccine against Ebola being tested in African Guinea, showed almost 100% efficiency. This was reported by the world health organization (who), citing the final findings of a study published in the medical journal Lancet.

Reportedly, the new vaccine rVSV-ZEBOV got almost six thousand inhabitants of Guinea, and none of them was infected with a dangerous virus. At the same time comparable to the number of the group observed that have not been vaccinated, revealed 23 cases of the disease.

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Vaccine rVSV-ZEBOV was developed by the canadian health Ministry, and then the license for its production and testing was handed over to the international research pharmaceutical company Merck & Co.

Note, 14 January experts from the who said that the period of active spread of the Ebola virus was completed. However, warned that Ebola could again manifest itself in separate cases as the virus is able to persist in the body and relive fever.

Ebola haemorrhagic fever is a rare but dangerous acute highly contagious viral disease caused by Ebola virus. Outbreaks were recorded in Central and West Africa, mortality is 25% -90%. A reliable vaccine against Ebola currently exists, but in a world already seriously engaged in its creation.