The who has recognized microplastics in drinking water safe

ВОЗ признала микропластик в питьевой воде безопасным

Who were allowed to drink water with microplastics

We are talking about inert particles that do not enter into chemical reaction, penetrating into the body and cause harm to organs and tissues.

The world health organization this week released a major report on the impact of microscopic plastic fragments on human health.

Environmental pollution by plastics is a global, fragments of man-made polymers can be found almost anywhere on the planet, including in food and drinking water.

However, the who concluded that at least for today evidence the danger of micro-plastic for the people.

In its report, the organization’s experts explain that both large and the smallest particles pass through the body without stopping in it.

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“There is absolutely no doubt that the microplastics contained in drinking water and in sources of drinking water, for example, in the groundwater. When we talk about the potential risks we are talking about inert particles. Plastic does not enter into chemical reaction, penetrating into the body and cause harm to organs and tissues,” said who staff member Bruce Gordon.

We are talking about pieces of any kind of plastic debris less than five millimeters in length. The research started after the last year of the microplastics found in the most well-known brands of bottled water.

Experts believe that despite the preliminary conclusions requires more data to reach final conclusions.

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