The wild will complete extinction – scientists

Дикую природу ждет полное вымирание – ученые

Experts analyzed the level of growth in the use of natural resources and territories. They came to the conclusion that soon the wildlife will completely disappear.

In the Australian Queensland University experts predicted the complete disappearance of wildlife. It is reported

The researchers analyzed agricultural activities of man over the last hundred years. The results showed that intact wilderness areas are rapidly disappearing.

So, about a century ago for agricultural purposes, including livestock, was used by only 15 percent of the planet’s surface. Now, this figure rose to 77 percent on land, and 87 percent in the oceans.

The remains unaffected and uncontaminated areas of the poles. Scientists came to the conclusion that to save at least part of wild nature will be possible only if people make a concerted effort to do so.

On the eve of the scientists said that the world began the sixth wave of mass extinction. It is associated exclusively with the activities of mankind. Also, experts said that from a glacier in Antarctica broke off a giant iceberg.

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