The winners of the project “the Best store 2016-2017” in Ukraine

Определены победители проекта "Лучший магазин 2016-2017" в Украине

Today the main challenge for business is low customer loyalty. Every day consumers are becoming more experienced. Each purchase is increasingly becoming the subject of conscious choice, and every client gets value for stores.

On 5 August, the winners were determined and awarded prizes to the participants of the project “Choice of nation in 2017“. This is one of the largest in Ukraine sociological projects to evaluate stores by consumers in Ukraine. Good news was for the entire team of Santan that she won in the nomination “the Best plumbing shop in Ukraine 2016-2017”.

For eight months the inhabitants of the Eastern regions of Ukraine was assessed and voted in shops, online and at counters of sociological groups in public places. After treating more than one hundred thousand ratings, sociology of the company SAI has revealed the winners in 9 categories of stationary shops and 5 nominations online stores. There were such nominations as: the network of children’s stores, best store construction materials and nomination discovery of the year. All the winners in the vote according to the nine categories were determined and announced on 5 August 2017.

“This project we are conducting for the second time and, judging by his results, gained immense popularity. Retailers and sociologists have effectively worked with the Ukrainian customers, and using Analytics with a large number of marketing tools, which led to the successful completion of the project.” – Said the organizer of the project Kira Magdoran.

Определены победители проекта "Лучший магазин 2016-2017" в Украине



The winner of the project according to the rules of engagement, awarded to a store that received the highest score. Customers evaluated the store assortment, pricing policy, level of service and payment convenience, discounts and offers, matching expectations and preferences, with twelve voprosova 10-point scale. Post shop from small online shops to large national retailers. One only has to apply to participate, select a category and wait for the results. Brand recognition doesn’t matter. Over 150 stores were evaluated. The survey also showed that Ukrainians when choosing a store main criterion is the ratio of price and quality of service also received high marks categories as the range and modern equipment store.

“We are proud of this achievement and appreciate the confidence our customers. But this victory for us is not finish, we will more and more develop, to improve, so next year, according to our customers, to get again the first place in this and other prizes,” said PR Manager of the company Santan Alexander Shilov.

“I was glad to take part in the survey,”Choice of nation in 2017“. As a regular customer, I can say that this is a great way to Express your opinion. It will also help shops to look at their mistakes and improve their services”, – said the participant of the project Valery

For two years, this project has already participate more than one hundred different in scale stores and over a hundred thousand buyers of Ukraine. The winners by category in the nomination were the “Best shop of building materials”, “Best toy store” and others.