The work of the Ukrainian artillery ATO: video fighter

Работа украинской артиллерии в АТО: видео бойца

Ukrainian MLRS are working on the arc Svetlodarsk

Movie details the day before the battle on the arc Svetlodarsk published the MP.

The people’s Deputy Andrey Lozovoy has posted a video of the battle on the arc Svetlodarsk. According to him, the entry made by the Ukrainian fighter.

The video shows how the system of volley fire of the APU.

Earlier, the headquarters of the ATO said about the attempt of separatists to go on break, which, however, was recaptured by the Ukrainian side. The authorities claim that the army launched a counterattack and drove back the enemy on the flank.

From the LC claim that Ukrainian troops attacked first, trying to make a breakthrough, but they were repulsed and suffered heavy losses.

The official position of the OSCE has not yet announced. At the same time, some participants of the ATO has stated that the “Ukrainian offensive”.