The world Bank predicted the global economy

Всемирный банк дал прогноз мировой экономике

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The growth rate of the economy in the current year, reach the peak, but in the next decade is expected to decline.

Lead author of the January forecast of the world Bank Global Economic Prospects Francesca Ansorg said that the world economy in the current year for the first time since the financial crisis of 2008 reached a high point of growth, reports RIA Novosti.

However, as noted by the economist, in the next ten years, the rate of economic growth will slow to about 2.3%, in line with its cyclical nature.

The world Bank forecast, this year the global GDP will grow by 3.1% instead of the previously expected 2.9%, in 2019 the growth will be 3% instead of 2.9%.

Growth of world GDP will contribute to the increase in investment, industrial production and trade. In addition, it is expected that will be closed the negative gap in world production.

In the next decade, the forecasts are not so optimistic.

“The potential growth of the world economy in the next decade could reach about 2.3%. While this growth could be 1.5 percentage points lower than in the decade preceding the global financial crisis,” − said Ansorg.

Principal risks the world Bank sees financial markets that are “currently highly vulnerable” and which show indications of a possible recession.

Earlier, the world Bank announced the termination of financial support for the exploration of oil and gas fields after 2019 due to growing threats related to climate change.

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