The world has significantly increased the number of billionaires

В мире существенно возросло число миллиардеров

Organization Oxfam notes the growing financial inequality in the world

Capital earned worldwide in 2017, resigned in the hands of the most rich people. About four billion of the poorest people received nothing from the global profits.

According to a study by the international Association of organizations for the fight against poverty, Oxfam, 82% of the “new” earned money went last year to the accounts of the wealthy. The report was published on Monday, January 22.

It is noted that 3.7 billion people constituting the poorest of the world’s population, we haven’t received anything from global increased profits.

In this case, from 2016 to 2017, the number of billionaires has grown unprecedented. According to Oxfam, the new billionaire appeared on average every two days. In total there are 2043 of the man considered to be billionaires.

“Boom billionaires not talking about a blossoming economy, but the collapse of economic order”, − said the Director of Oxfam Winnie Byanyima.

Income inequality is growing around the world – study

Campaign Manager Oxfam in Germany jörg Calinski criticized the current state of Affairs.

“A rich minority in droves affects political decisions and irresponsible manner reduces costs − especially wages and taxes − to increase shareholder returns,” said Kalinsky.

Oxfam demanded an end to the practice of tax evasion to corporations and the richest people, the introduction of a more equitable income for men and women, and also encouraged to make investments in education and health for all.

Earlier it was reported that the condition of 500 richest people in the world belonging to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, has increased by almost one trillion dollars in 2017.

Source: Russian service of DW