The world is falling beer consumption

В мире падает потребление пива

In the world less drink alcohol

The drop in beer consumption continues for several years.

In a world consumed less alcohol, says the report of the International Wine and Spirits Record, the compilers of which track the global consumption of alcoholic beverages.

From-for falling of sales of beer for 1.8% of the world market of sales of alcoholic beverages fell by 1.3% in 2016.

Sales of cider after a few years of growth also fell 1.5%.

In the previous five years, the sales decline was kept at 0.3%, so that the data 2016 talking about much more serious problems for producers of alcoholic beverages.

According to the report, wine sales on average are at the same level, sales of spirits increased by 0.3%.

Belgian beer is recognized as a UNESCO cultural heritage site

Although, according to the IMF, global GDP grew by 3.5% in 2016, while economic development is generally correlated with the increase of alcohol consumption in the three countries with the largest economies – Russia, China and Brazil – there has been a slowdown or recession.

Beer sales in Russia fell by 7.8%, Brazil 5.3%, China – 4.2%.

We will note, in January 2017 Ukrainian brewers had reduced beer production to a historic low over the past 10 years.