The world wide web 30 years. The Creator wants to kill her

Всемирной паутине 30 лет. Создатель хочет ее убить

The world wide web celebrates its anniversary

Physicist and engineer Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web as a world of freedom and equality, is disappointed with the current state of Affairs and proposes to change all that.

Today, March 12, marks 30 years since the advent of the world wide web (World Wide Web, WWW), which marked the beginning of Internet communication in the form as we know it now.

The web appeared in the European organization for nuclear research CERN, where start the Large hadron Collider, to exchange academic documents.

For decades it dramatically transformed, turned into much more and now its Creator Tim Berners-Lee proposes to change all that. Корреспондент.net tells details.


The story of the creation of the world wide web

Most people believe that the Internet and world wide web are one and the same. Although these phenomena and concepts related but totally different.

Internet system data transfer “pipe” between computers (routers). It was developed in the 1960-ies in the U.S. Department of defense as a reliable system of information transmission. It is called “a child of the cold war.”

To work with this system was very difficult because you had to enter all commands manually, so I used the Internet mainly employees of universities and military agencies.

The world wide web is inforamtional system that allows more efficiently to access information. Its concept was born in 1989 in the head of the British physicist Tim Berners-Lee, working at CERN.

The theory of everything. Why science huge new Collider

Всемирной паутине 30 лет. Создатель хочет ее убить
Tiv Berners-Lee / AP

Within two years he developed the HTTP Protocol and the HTML language, thanks to which the Internet combines most of the then-existing networks.

His project, Berners-Lee made public in 1991. The accompanying letter stated that the purpose of the project is “to create access to information anywhere in the world”.

This was achieved by using hypertext, a method for linking various documents to each other. It also opened access to the files needed to use his invention.

This Association was not a single leadership, and technical standards were open, which made the Internet independent from business and from government agencies.

In the first half of 1990-ies Berners-Lee, heading the world wide web Consortium, has made significant efforts in order to convince the rest of the world to use the uniform standards of Internet communication to the Network is not broken up into many private “Internets” are incompatible with each other.

Currently, the Internet is accessible not only through computer networks but also through communication satellites, radio, cable TV, phone, cellular, special fiber-optic lines, electricity cables and water pipes.

World network has become an integral part of life in both developed and developing countries. By 2018 there are more than four billion Internet users – 53% of the world population.

In 2016, the UN has declared Internet access a basic human need, along with clean water, electricity, shelter and food.

Berners-Lee has always believed that a global network should be free and therefore cannot serve as a tool for making money. Combining the whole world, he became a businessman and not amassed a fortune.

Sir Timothy Berners-Lee born in the UK in 1955 in the “computer” family – his parents and mathematicians were among the developers of the first commercial computer, the Ferranti Mark I.

The scientist recalled that in obsujdeniya with his father about the superiority of man over machine, it was concluded that human thought can go from one subject to another, guided by associations, not hard algorithms, which is required for the computer.


Father of the Web the web offers new Network

The changes that the world wide web, has brought in a person’s life, is often criticized. But the Internet is a mirror of humanity that reflects all manifestations of genius and stupidity, why dwell on them will not.

Sir Timothy to the child also has a claim: from the world liberty, equality and fraternity the world wide web has transformed into a very real trap user data, which are cashing in by those who know how to work with BigData.

In 2014, marking the 25th anniversary of his creation, Berners-Lee proposed to create a network Constitution due to the fact that her openness has been threatened by governments and corporations seeking to control the Internet.

Large-scale surveillance, which are pravitelya the United States and Britain, control of access to information in China and turning off the Internet in Egypt to stop the protesters – for these and other reasons, the scientist urged together to establish the concept of net neutrality.

In early 2018, the Creator of the World Wide Web said about the negative impact of the hegemony of corporations like Facebook and Google, innovation in the entire field, concentrating power in the hands of units that get “control over what ideas and opinions are visible and hidden”.

“These dominant platforms create barriers for competitors. Buy the best startups hire the best talent. Add to this competitive advantage, which give them the user data, and we can expect that the next 20 years will be significantly less innovative than the last,” – said Berners-Lee.

The scientist believes that the Corporation is not going to solve problems such as fairvie news, data leaks and other manipulations, as it is aimed at commercial rather than social objectives.

Berners-Lee calls on technology companies to realize that advertising is not the only way to earn money and speaks about the lack of creativity in the field of IT.

In General, according to the scientist, the challenges of modern Internet lies not so much in technological as in the social and political planes, and encourages him to make more accessible.

In October last year Berners-Lee introduced a new structure of the world wide web Inrupt, which will be part of the project Solid. It will be a new decentralized network built on modular architecture, data storage, open source.

The scientist offers to store data in a pods (personal online data stores) and not in various messengers and social networks. According to scientists, this solution will help to reduce the interference of the state and various corporations in people’s lives.

In the proposed new version, no total control for users will be impossible.


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