The WTO confirmed the loss of Ukraine in dispute with Russia

ВТО подтвердила проигрыш Украины в споре с Россией

The WTO has supported Russia in a dispute on the limitation of Ukrainian exports of railway equipment

WTO experts believe that given Ukraine’s arguments do not prove the systematic import restrictions from Russia.

The world trade organization (WTO) has rejected key demands of Ukraine in the framework of the dispute with Russia on the supply of railway equipment. The relevant information contains in the report, which was published on Monday, July 30, according to the European true.

Experts of the WTO has recognized the legality of Russia’s refusal of certification of Ukrainian products. In addition the expert group has refused to see the systematic violations by Russia.

According to the document, the expert group considered that the evidence did not indicate that Russia has taken measures to limit imports of products from Ukraine in General and in respect of railway equipment, in particular.

Submitted by Ukraine arguments – the suspension by Russia of the existing certificate, refusal to issue new and presented data on the reduction of Ukrainian imports of railway products in Russia – not prove systematic import restrictions, explains the expert group in the report.

According to the government, as a result of Russian restrictions, Ukrainian exports of railway products in Russia from 2012 to 2016 fell by more than 20 times – from $2.6 billion to $95 million.

However, the WTO called the wrongful refusal of the Russians to recognize the certificates issued by Belarus and Kazakhstan. In addition, the experts took the side of Kiev, admitting certain procedural violations by the Russian Federation.

We will remind, a week ago it was announced the result of the complaint of the Russian Federation against Ukraine concerning the duties on ammonium nitrate. The WTO declared the violation of the anti-dumping investigation, but acknowledged that Kyiv’s right to conduct a new investigation.

Earlier it was reported that a new solution was even greater defeat than the first.

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