The year of the Fire Rooster: How to celebrate and what to expect

Год Огненного Петуха: Как праздновать и чего ждать

Patron of the new 2017 will be the Fire Rooster is the tenth symbol in the calendar of the Chinese. He is characterized as Yin, which is associated with the earth element, represents insight, discipline, conservatism, pedantry, self-confidence, but, on the other hand, vanity and selfishness. If the outgoing year of the Monkey has been difficult and stressful, the Rooster will ensure the transition from crisis to prosperity.

In the year of the Rooster, which is considered a sharp and gusty, it is recommended to avoid stressful situations and do not splash out negative emotions at close.

The Rooster does not like passivity and apathy, so next year you can decide on a radical change in life. Astrologers believe that you’re lucky, who will be purposeful and persistent and will persevere to achieve their goals. Under the auspices of the Fire Rooster can safely start a new business or change professions. Grab the luck by the tail will those whose work involves real estate and stock business, and show business. The main thing to remember is that the Fire Rooster is not prone to intrigue and appreciates honesty. So honest, essential, and responsible people that are configured for mutually beneficial business cooperation, in 2017 can count on big profits.

Cock – a big family man, so it is not recommended to celebrate the new year far away from home or traveling. The more loved ones will gather around the Banquet table, the better. However, this should not be sluggish eating salads in front of the TV: cock loves a fun time, so welcome competitions and different activities.

When drawing up new year’s menu, remember that a Rooster does not like it, if they are his relatives. Why venison is better to delete from the menu and instead cook vegetable salads, vegetarian dishes, fruit desserts. In addition to the poultry meat, absolutely can not put on the table a pate of chicken liver and headcheese.

Use chicken eggs even in the form of jewelry also it is impossible to not enraging symbol of the year. He will like a home kitchen, so no semis or store-bought salads. It should be a lot of sweets and homemade cakes.

As for gifts, it is better not to give anything related to the cat family, as well as sharps. And here is a picture of birds in any form are welcome.

Choosing an outfit for new year’s eve, you should pay attention to red tones and gold jewelry. Host 2017 all enjoy the fiery hues, and thus, this list can also include orange and yellow. Those who are of color do not like, it is possible to dress in purple and blue.

In the design of trees and houses, respectively, also should predominate red color. Cock loves the comfort and rustic style, wooden utensils, and a variety of blankets and pillows. Under the tree you can put a bowl of grain for good luck.

According to the ancient Oriental calendar, which is called Chinese, live in most Eastern countries. For them, the 2017 under the symbol of Fire of the Rooster begins on January 28, he replaced the heavy leap year of the Fire Monkey.