Theft in the army. Poroshenko, who cut off his hands?

Воровство в армии. Кому Порошенко отрубит руки?

NABOO opened the scheme of abuses in the army.

New high-profile case NABOO. Detectives exposed a corruption scheme of embezzlement of public funds in the purchase of fuel for the Ministry of defence.

Under suspicion have got top officials of the Ministry – Deputy Minister of defense Igor Pavlovsky, the Director of the Department dealing with procurement and supply of material resources – the Colonel Vladimir Gulevich.

We are talking about the embezzlement of public funds amounting to more than 149 million.

In the criminal scheme listed company “trade Commodity” whose activity is associated with close to the President of the people’s Deputy Alexander Granovsky.

Granovsky denies everything, and the authorities tell you what, the detained officials are good and try to vouch for them.

Criminal scheme

In early 2016, the competitive bidding Committee of the Ministry of defense organized the procedure of open bidding for the purchase of fuel. By results of trades on April 26, 2016, the Committee for 14 lots, approved for payment an offer from one of the bidders how the most economically advantageous.

13 and may 18, 2016 between the Ministry and the company – the winner of the bidding was concluded 14 agreements on supply for state needs of the fuel for special equipment at the expense of budget funds totaling over $ 1 billion hryvnia.

In Antikorruptsionnye Bureau argue that the initial conditions for the conclusion of contracts after the time has been changed. What, in fact, manifested itself in the crime.

“During June-August 2016 in the absence of any legal grounds for amending the contracts for the purchase of goods for the budget funds, the customer and the supplier have concluded a number of additional agreements, under which unnecessarily increased the cost per unit of product an average of 16% of the initial price. As a result, in favour of the supplier unreasonably and illegally was transferred to the budget totaling 149 million 339 thousand hryvnias“, – is spoken in the message of NABOO.

Suspicious company

The company “trade Commodity” which probably appears in the corruption scheme of purchase of fuel for the Ministry of defense, starting in 2016, has won public tenders to 4.8 billion UAH.

In addition to the Ministry of defense “trade Commodity” has won the auctions, “uz”, “Energoatom”, PJSC “Centrenergo”, as well as several seaports, in particular, Mariupol, Berdyansk, Belgorod-Dniester.

DoD, beginning in March 2016, the company signed agreements for the supply of fuel to 301 million. In addition, another 9 million UAH “trade Commodity” was supposed to separate from the military unit No. 9935, located in the city of Podolsk in Odessa region.

The people’s Deputy from BPP Sergey Leshchenko said that for OOO “trade Commodity is Andrei Adamovskiy – “long-term business partner and accomplice” of the people’s Deputy Alexander Granovsky.

Granovsky denied any involvement in the company “trade Commodity”.

The reaction of the authorities

President Petro Poroshenko hopes that the case regarding embezzlement by the officials of the Ministry of defense of public funds to investigate quickly.

“Position one: will not allow anyone to steal in the army. Those who will steal in the army, hands petrobau. That is the position of the President”, – said the head of state.

He stressed: “the Army is the subject of my personal care. The army is one of our obvious achievements in three years. This was done, including my efforts to get the Minister of defence, Ministry of defence, the management of the National headquarters, volunteers”.

He called for the investigation in the shortest time presented to the society and to transfer the case to the court.

The President also noted that the Deputy Minister Pavlovsky has noted successful work in the defence of Mariupol during the active hostilities in the Donbas.

Praised Baghdad Pavlovsky and his immediate superior – the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak. According to him, General Pavlovsky from the first day of the aggression carried out their duties highly enough. But if he’s involved in a crime, you must answer for it.

The Minister has asked not “to hang the label of criminal” until a court decision.

Poltorak claims that run Pavlovsky from Ukraine “nowhere”, because in Russia against him opened three criminal cases.

The head of the defense Ministry called the arrest of his Deputy one of the most unpleasant cases for themselves. Answering the question whether he is ready to resign if the court proves fault Pavlovsky, Poltorak said: “I am ready at any time”.

Esprit de corps

In the end, both defendants in the case, the court sent under house arrest, rejecting the petition to arrest and bail.

In this case, the court addressed the applicable policies, ready to take the defendants out on bail.

Deputy national security Council Secretary Oleg Gladkovsky long – time friend of President Poroshenko, wanted to bail Pavlovsky.

“He has always taken a proactive stance and stood on the protection of state interests during the procurement and development of military equipment and weapons. Moreover, thanks to his knowledge, the formation of the state defense order was carried out with maximum consideration of the needs of the APU, including units that are involved in ATO”, – says Gladkovsky.

At the same time he says he knows nothing about the activities of the company “trade Commodity”.

“I do not have any information about the company’s activities, and even have no idea with whom she was associated, and what they do. I never even have not heard about it”, – assured the official.

MP “popular front” Tatiana Chornovol came to the court to bail a suspect in a corruption of the Director of the procurement Department of the Ministry of defense Vladimir Gulevich.