There are details about the organizer of the assassination attempt on Babchenko

Появились подробности об организаторе покушения на Бабченко

Boris Herman

A suspect in the assassination of bachenko, a businessman, former assistant to the deputies and volunteer ATO.

From Kiev Boris L. Herman, who is suspected of the organization of attempt at murder of the journalist Arkady Babchenko, is the owner of a number of private firms, it said on Thursday, may 31, Radio Liberty.

In particular, the German Executive Director of the Ukrainian-German joint venture Schmeisser, the only non-state enterprises for the production of weapons in our country.

The company “has a long productive relationship with the Ministry of defense.” But Boris is known for his volunteer work for the needs of ATO, according to Stranaya.

In the past was the assistant of people’s deputies, Mikhail Goncharov (5 convocation, the socialist party) and Igor Bad (6 convocation, Party of regions).

According to the report of Shevchenkovsky regional court of Kiev for consideration “received a petition for election measures of restraint in form of detention in respect of the Herman B. L.

The court has confirmed to journalists that we are talking about election of a measure of restraint to the suspect in a probable murder Babchenko.

As it was established, the only person in Ukraine with those initials is Herman Boris L., 1967, and he really was in the Shevchenko district of Kiev which will consider the petition.

The suspect’s lawyer Yevhen Solodko already told some of the details of the charges.

“Today the court would elect him a measure of restraint. What is SBU argues the necessity of detention? First, the assassination Babchenko, judging from the documents, and remained unidentified. They were not even looking for. Second, from conversations with Boris “killer”, it follows that his apartment and the factory over the past six months have repeatedly searched the same SBU staff had to share – the Protocol referred to 70 thousand dollars. It’s a lot, a lot. Third – correspondence, messengers we are talking about anything but not about the murder, but the assumptions of “killer” and questioning its employee indefinitely. Yes, the list of potential targets in the materials either. Sam “killer”, acting in the framework of the Protocol on the control of crime, offers to “kill” some of Todor Panovsky and Bogdanova, saying that the latter hates “..W 14th year”. Provokes? It is very similar. And the last and what is the interest of Boris? It is unclear as to the motive needs to be installed…It’s weird, but the briefing of the attorney-General has already taken place. So, will, wide-eyed, will prove even non-existent,” writes sweet.

We will remind, Babchenko told the details of the special operation of the SBU. In particular, the journalist said that after the assassination, spent the night in the morgue.


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