There is a solution. How to solve the problem of trash in Lviv

Выход есть. Как решить проблему львовского мусора

Igor Zinkevich

My position remains unchanged from August 2016 to announce a competition for a project to tackle the garbage problem of the city. To the community of the city has reviewed all potential overseas projects, has chosen the best experts and the best project. To find out whether there is a possibility of investment in the city of Lviv, which obligations will be firm to the citizens. The situation is such that competition is not announced since August. A way out – sort in Ryasne, but where to throw the remains? Recently heard about France – the company proposed to develop a method for the treatment of MSW. But that’s all they can do. It is not a waste treatment plant, and training of persons handling trash

The problem can be solved only after the announcement of the project for the competition, but Andriy Sadovy does not support this. This competition gave an opportunity to understand what area is needed for saving and sorting, where it should be and in what way will be to recycle. Depending on which project will be selected by the community will be made next steps. And we have all done the opposite – first looking for a plot. And so to solve the problem is unrealistic. In nine months, no concrete action was not: no project, no concept of development. The city Council did not even offer a promotional advertisement about recycling, not in all areas there are containers for separate waste collection. We even have a video recording where the trash from all containers collected in one car. The city Council is now inactive: does not provide MPs report on this issue, we reported the number and location of garbage disposal for any money taken out the trash.

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Let’s count. One truck is 20 tons, but could not load a 20 ton, maximum 15. For each truck, the city pays about 35 thousand UAH. They say that if we do plant, it will be necessary to raise the amount of the payments, that’s not true, because we already pay a lot of money for garbage, and these 35 million are taken from the budget. The mayor tells about 600-700 tons daily production of garbage of the city. 20 tons is worth 35 thousand UAH, if you divide 650 by 15 it turns out that the day have to take 43 times for 15 tons. 43 multiply by 35 thousand UAH. get 1 505 000 UAH. And for that, we have no reports. Spending such funds, we cannot buy the line of recycling.

Any landfill may agree to accept our garbage for a fee, now it is about UAH 500 per ton. Andrey Sadovy with Board agreed that full responsibility for garbage disposal rests with the carriers. What is a carrier? He takes out the garbage, gets 35 thousand, in order to take under the contract, for example, in Zhytomyr. Machine doesn’t reach to the Zhitomir and clears debris just on the way. Why? Because it earned 35 thousand. If the carrier will deliver waste to the dump in Zhitomir, he must pay 10 thousand UAH for the road, and the penalty for waste in the wrong place only 900 UAH. That is more profitable to pay 900 UAH and earn 34 thousand than to pay 10 thousand to 25 thousand.

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I have offered to hold talks with the residents Malahova and Grabovica and agree that the sorting line we put in them, create the municipal enterprise “Malekhiv and Hrybovychi” that will sort glass, paper, plastic, anything you can recycle and earn. The rest of the biological waste with the ground – can be used as the basis for planting trees. If we this mixture will strengthen the whole landfill so that it does not move, then Hrybovychi agree. After all, it is a strengthening of the entire landfill. The offer is there, but the city Council doesn’t want to do.

Igor Zinkevich

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