There was a colorful photo of a meteor shower Perseids

Появились красочные фото звездопада Персеиды

Peak meteor shower this year could be observed in the night from 12 to 13 August. Scientists promised up to 100 stars per hour.

In the night from 12th to 13th of August on Earth it was possible to observe one of the brightest shooting stars of the year – the Perseid meteor shower. The Network was published colorful pictures, which depicted the stars from different parts of the world. About it writes The Daily Mail.

Starfall can be observed annually in the period from 17 to 26 August. At this time the Earth passes through the trail of dust particles that remain from the tail of comet swift-tuttle.

Residents of Europe, USA and Canada and countries in Asia and Africa, could equally well observe the stream of meteors.

Earlier it was reported that the astronaut took a spectacular sunrise on video. The video was made aboard the International space station.

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