There was a video of missile exercises near the Crimea

Появилось видео ракетных учений рядом с Крымом

Live missile exercises near the Crimea

In the South of Ukraine are managed launches of medium-range missiles.

In the Internet appeared the video of the rocket firing Ukraine near Crimea in the Kherson region. The video published on the channel of the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov on YouTube.

“Today in the South of Ukraine carried out military exercises, which involve test launches of missiles of average range”, – said in the caption to the video.

Earlier the defense Ministry also published a photo of the missile firings of Ukraine near Crimea.

As previously reported, in military exercises in Ukraine near the Crimea involved anti-aircraft missile troops, military, transport and unmanned aircraft, and also tested anti-aircraft controlled medium-range missiles.

Live missile firings of Ukraine near Crimea

To start the exercises-Ukraine missile firing on the South of the country announced the morning of 1 December.

In turn, Russia has threatened Ukraine missile strike saying that the air defense system of the Russian Federation will shoot down the rockets discovered in the area of the flight information region of Simferopol and Odessa.