There was a video of the first minutes after the explosion in the subway in St. Petersburg

Появилось видео первых минут после взрыва в метро в Петербурге

The explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg. 3.04.2017

Posted a video by an eyewitness after a few seconds after the attack, in the St. Petersburg metro. Video can be viewed on the website of “Medusa”, however, the movie contains frames, not recommended for viewing for children and people with hypersensitivity.

The video shows how people are selected blown out of the train at the station “Technological Institute”, the passengers inside the car trying to break open Windows and doors of the car.

As reported, at 15:40 in the metro of St. Petersburg, an explosion occurred in the car that was moving along the blue line subway. The number of dead at the moment – 9, the victims – about 20. After a while I closed all the metro stations in the city.

Related news: In St. Petersburg two men wanted on suspicion of preparing explosions.

According to the President of BP Vladimir Putin, the cause of the explosion is still unknown, covers all versions of household and the attack.

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