There was video of consequences of a fire near Mariupol

Появилось видео последствий пожара под Мариуполем

Near Mariupol burned ammunition depots

The main cause of the fire law enforcement officers being called arson.

The state emergency service has produced a video drone that recorded the consequences of a fire at an ammunition depot near Mariupol. Video was published by the Public television of Donbass.

Video recorded on destroyed buildings, burnt large areas of the fields and separate the flames.

According to TSN, the main cause of the fire the police said it was arson.

“I understand that the farmers were preparing their field for the orcs and burned all that remained. Yesterday there was a strong wind, and everything was moved to the territory”, − said the representative of APU Sergey Furdik.

It is noted that arsonists trying to install the police.

On the remains of the warehouses have already started the bomb squad, later they promise to preserve.

Recall September 22 in the Donetsk region, near the village of Maloyanysol ‘ in the warehouses of munitions started the fire and explosions.