There were photos of the empty Crimean bridge

Появились фото пустующего Крымского моста

Empty Crimean bridge

On the Kerch bridge opened to traffic of cars and buses in both directions. However, the popularity of the bridge is not used.

On the Kerch bridge, which officially opened the day before, on Wednesday, may 16, almost empty. Photo of the road the day after launch was published in the microblog RoksolanaToday&the Crimea on Twitter.

Traffic on the Crimean bridge on Wednesday launched in both directions. Traffic on the bridge from the Kuban started at about 5.25, and from the Crimea in 5.35.

As can be seen, the busy traffic on the bridge there. The photo shows just a few passing over the bridge cars.

Today ride on the Crimean bridge can all passenger cars and passenger buses. The speed limit is 90 kilometers per hour. Truck traffic will be opened this fall.



Recall, may 15, Russia was officially opened by the Crimean Kerch Strait bridge. The ceremony was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Wednesday, may 16, on the Crimean bridge launched.


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