There’s a theory about the purpose of a secret room in the great pyramid

Появилась теория о предназначении тайной комнаты в пирамиде Хеопса

Discovered the void must be associated with Egyptian funerary religion.

Italian astrophysicist Giulio Magli suggested that the area of voids with a length of thirty meters in the great pyramid may hold a throne made from meteorite iron. The findings of the scientist appeared in Eurekalert.

Recall that in early November of 2017 physics by using telescopes found in the great pyramid’s mysterious emptiness, which may be a corridor or a whole Suite of rooms.

According to astrophysics, the emptiness was hardly an error in the construction of, or carried any architectural feature like reduce the load on the main corridor of the pyramid, as suggested by some experts.

He noted that according to the Egyptian funerary religion, “after the death of Pharaoh shall sit on the throne of iron, and then pass through the gate of heaven, and ascend to the stars in the North”.

Magli indicates that in the pyramid there are four narrow channel through which the spirit of the deceased ruler could “get out”, while the passage leading to the North, ends at a sealed door.

Just beyond it, as scientists believe, are found void, which is likely to constitute a chamber with a throne.

The pyramid of Cheops is one of the seven wonders of the world. It was built in the mid-third Millennium BC. This building height of 145 meters and a width and a length of 230 meters and remains one of the tallest and largest buildings ever created by mankind.

Earlier it was reported that in the tomb of Tutankhamun discovered a hidden room, in which there are metal objects and objects “of organic origin”.


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