Theresa may urged the EU to intensify counter Russian propaganda.

Тереза Мэй призвала Евросоюз усилить противодействие российской пропаганде

British Prime Minister Theresa may called on the European Union to cooperate more closely with the Western Balkan countries to effectively counter Russian disinformation campaigns. As an example, she cited the attempted coup in Montenegro, which may have been organized by Russia.

Reported by the BBC.

“In light of alleged attempts to stage a coup in Montenegro, I encourage us all to do more to counter Russian disinformation campaigns that destabilizie the situation, and make more obvious our interest in cooperation with this region”, – said the British Prime Minister, speaking at a meeting with EU leaders in Brussels

Mei warned that the increased instability in the region threatens the collective security of the European Union.

Britain intends to build closer ties with countries in the region, and next year will host the summit of the Western Balkans. Cooperation in the field of security with the Balkan countries will affect, in particular, the fight against organized crime, corruption and cyber-attacks, said Theresa may.

We will remind, the Prosecutor of Montenegro has accused Russia of involvement in the coup attempt. According to him, the purpose of the coup was to prevent the accession of Montenegro to NATO.

The involvement of Russia to the coup indicated by the defendants in the case, intercepted phone calls and hacking e-mail. Sources in the British government also believe that the reason for the coup was the membership of Montenegro in NATO.

According to sources, the coup plan was thwarted a few hours before its implementation. The newspaper notes that last week the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Secretary of state USA Rex Tillerson discussed the Russian involvement in the assassination of the Montenegrin Prime Minister.

Russia has denied accusations of involvement in the coup in Montenegro, calling the information “duck” and try to make a fuss out of nothing.

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