They are not there? The fate of the detainee to the ATO Russians

Их там нет? Судьба задержанного в АТО россиянина

Another Russian citizen was caught during the fighting against the Ukrainian army.

Ukraine received new evidence of Russian military presence in the Donbas.

As a result of fighting collisions of the Ukrainian scouts from the raiding party of the enemy near the village of Zholobok of the Slavyanoserbsky region of the Luhansk region, was detained the citizen of the Russian Federation and three others.

The Russian was 22-year-old Victor Ageev – a resident of the Altai territory.

The Russian military does not recognize again and says he came to fight in Luhansk region as a volunteer. figured out how Ukraine can use the new Russian prisoner.

Volunteer or military?

From the documents of Victor Ageeva, photos of which leaked, it became known that the military is a resident of the Altai territory, where he was given a military ID. Ageev was a welder, but relatives of the military claim that in March of this year he signed a contract with the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

Ageev, as told by his former colleagues in 2015-2016, serving in Novocherkassk, Rostov region in the regiment of communication. After the dismissal, according to one of them, he “went to serve a contract in military intelligence”.

According to Svetlana Ageeva, he signed a contract on March 18, 2017; the new place of service became Bataysk Rostov region. There, according to “bi-Bi-si”, housed 22nd guards separate brigade of special purpose GRU.

How found the journalists, in personal correspondence with one of the former colleagues Ageev directly said that is in Ukraine, confirming that he is a “contractor” and he is “paid enough”. Svetlana Ageeva told her son about possible performance of fighting tasks in territory of Ukraine has been “covertly”.

But the Ministry of defense of Russia, as usual, completely refute the fact that Ukraine was detained by the personnel of the Russian military.

“Ageev never did military service under the contract in armed forces of the Russian Federation. According to the records of the Ministry of defense of Russia, Ageev serving in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, followed by another in may 2016 resigned in the prescribed manner to the reserve”, — stated in the message of the defense Ministry.

Information about admission Ageeva after military service military service under the contract, said the defense Ministry, “is an invention of Ukrainian propagandists”.

In particular, the Russian defense Ministry, the photographs of military ID Ageeva, published media, there is only a record of military discharge from military service. “Also, the military ID would be a record of the receipt Ageeva on military service under the contract in Armed forces of the Russian Federation, which the Ukrainian security services out of ignorance not drawn yet”, — stressed in the defense Ministry.

Her mother

The mother of a Russian soldier Victor Ageeva Svetlana says that the son has stopped communicating may 30, 2017.

According to her, to serve in the Rostov region Ageev went alone on the train.

“Even then I wondered why, if there is a contract, it goes itself, and not through the military? But I brushed these doubts. So it should be, I thought. When I phoned with someone from Rostov, gave him some numbers, coordinates. So he went to Rostov, and then ended up in Bataysk and from there called me,” – said Svetlana Ageeva.

She said that on the day of its arrival to Rostov she called him weekly, but since may 30 the relationship ended: Victor managed to tell his mother that call regularly “now will be hard.”

“Why it happened, I did not understand. That called-called, and then suddenly says, “no more, bosses will not allow it”. Thus, we have a very close relationship, very trusting. And suddenly here it was not very clear,” said the woman.

However, she said that was always confident in the fact that on the territory of Ukraine Russian military there.

“I believe that we are not there in Ukraine. It was the same official statement that is not our present. At least, I believed that I try [not to attend],” said the mother of the military.

Svetlana Ageeva also appealed to the President of the Russian Federation and the Minister of defence with the request to help to return her son to Russia.

Will change?

Now Ageev is in jail in Starobilsk. He and three other militants, who together with him was captured, the measure of restraint under article “terrorist act”. Is born in Severodonetsk Daniil Gladkov Andrey Stoyanov and Lugansk region Bogdan Wenger.

All four arrested without the right of bail.

In jail, commenting about the possible Ageeva wound during his capture, said that his health is all right.

As other detainees in Ukraine Russian soldiers Ageeva can be exchanged for Ukrainian prisoners held in Russia. It only needs to await the decision of the Ukrainian court according to Ageeva.

Russian lawyer mark Feigin suggests that Ageeva can exchange for his ward, journalist Roman Sushchenko held in Russia.

“You shouldn’t expect fast Ageeva detained in arms near the city of Lugansk, there’ll be an inquest, to be held by the court which will pass sentence, and it will be possible procedure procedures, which we call exchange, and it is mutual pardon,” – said Feigin.

According to the lawyer, the story of Ageev similar to the history of Russians Alexander Alexandrov Evgeny Erofeev, who in 2016 traded for Nadiya Savchenko.

Feigin suggested that it is possible to exchange Ageeva on Sushchenko in Russia can use for propaganda purposes in the presidential campaign of 2018.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation claim that their Embassy in Ukraine dealing with the issue Ageeva.

“The Russian Embassy in Ukraine is actively involved in the fate of the Russian citizen,” — said the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

According to the Russian news Agency “RIA Novosti”, Ageev allegedly voluntarily joined the ranks of the so-called “people’s militia LNR”.