They say that war has no female face, but it’s not human

Говорят, что у войны не женское лицо, но оно не человеческое

Member of the ATO Maria Berlin in the Studio “112 Ukraine”

Vlashchenko: Today our guest is a volunteer, the person who is constantly involved in the ATO, Maria Berlin.

Hello, Maria. I correctly said that you don’t already volunteer, and a fighter ATO?

Berlin: It is geographically defined by: in Kiev – volunteer, there is a fighter of Aero investigation.

– How you took such a decision?

Somewhere in June 2014 I saw what was happening at the front, and gradually came to this decision. It was not a heroic moment. I went there not because I really wanted to. It was a long process, I’m about a month went with this thought, – I, quite naturally, did not want to die. I saw what is happening there: the front was drowned in the blood of the volunteers. I went not with heroism, but because I could not go. That would just be unfair. I realized that I’m sitting in Kiev, go to the cafe, I have everything in order, and those people with which I stood on the Maidan, they die. It was because there was no other way.

– What is the vision of what is happening in the East, where, from what’s really going on?

– Helvetia – “knowledge of certain principles easily eliminates the knowledge of certain facts.” In fact, all wars are similar. Unleash their some people and killed others. Then the wars start to earn quite successful: on the weapon, and deaths, and on smuggling. This war is no exception brand. The less fighting, the more smuggling, drug trafficking, everything, everything. Businesses operate as well: not only Akhmeta Akhmeta. Actually a depressed region, no job, and the one on the side of differentiation. In principle, if there were no checkpoints, you would probably not feel the difference. Hopelessness, broken roads, dirt, alcoholism – all the same. I do believe that we are those territories liberated only de jure. De facto, information, we have not released. In the minds of we, they are not released.

– What do you think, do we have enough forces and opportunities to liberate the occupied territory by force, the army?

– No. A professional army is not so far. The army does not normally include. If form was bad, then talk about some kind of technical support is not necessary at all. No tablets, corny, artillery, no drones. It is a positional artillery war. They launch the drone by day and night, give an accurate coordinate and beat on us. We burrow into the ground and then give “back”. But often we give it just to the side where it was shot. At random. Fields sown with mines. There is no elementary work, communications, artillery and Aero investigation.

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– Who is fighting on the other side?

– Definitely there is a professional Russian army. The whole situation there is now rule over the Russian. Of course there are local and non-local workers during the war. They are trained during this time, how to fight. But on different sites in different ways. There is a difference in how to fight so-called “LNR” and so-called “DNR”. “DNR” is much more professional and there thrown much more resources of the Russian army. We are currently not able to release Donetsk because: a) we have no professional army, and b) no some of the most elementary political reasons,) the war is being solved not in the trenches, and in Kiev, in Moscow, in Minsk, in London. I’m sure not in Kiev, most likely. Plus, if you come up with a version that is a direct order and sent an army to lay siege to Donetsk, then, objectively, it all will drown in blood. We are now in army equipment of 30-40%. People do not go into the army. But do not go because it is very bestial attitude. There is the army, in which I would like to serve.

– How much of the defense budget, your ideas, goes to corruption?

– I think up to 70%. Hence the “Potemkin village,” so-called professional army, not controlled by anyone, “Ukroboronprom”. The absence of a minimum public control is a threat to national security. I’m a man without military training, which she learned the profession, the Aero investigation – did not sign the contract. I have no status of the participant of military actions, although I am a third year go across the line, working on the most extreme positions. During this time I filmed there hundreds of gigabytes of intelligence. Once someone asked me: what happens to this information? It needs to be, in fact, the biggest state secret – where we are, what we have there technology, because it directly threatens the lives of soldiers.

– How you hanging in there these “administration”?

– On the strength on the weapon, on ignorance. Impossible integral to evaluate what all of the local Donbas population thinks so. People are all different from anti-Ukrainian sentiments, which do not actually constitute a large percentage, to the usual indifference – “not only war”. And they too can understand. There are people with drive, a purely Pro-Ukrainian, which are waiting for the arrival of our army, and quite a lot of them. Power, in fact, there is exactly the same as here. It’s just the region that was operated by years of oligarchic clans first and foremost. Nothing but mines, factories and hopeless alcoholism, they have not seen. However, there was a pretty serious Ukrainian component. But nobody said these people, no one explained to them what Ukraine is, what it can be. I have already said several times that this war could have been very easy to avoid. Brand cheap project that would be called, conventionally, “East-West”. Take high school students, from 9 to 11, the Donbas and Western Ukraine. And on summer, on winter vacation for a month changed into the same family. What you get your child, the month will be to feed another child. Only needed Ukrzaliznytsia, train. These children would have fallen in love, found friends, found new social connections. If this be done at least 5 years in a row, now would these adults would not have taken arms against us. They would know what is Ukraine, and it is no longer possible it would be so easy to sell the myth of “Putin, come”. This is a banal cultural exchange. When does a culture end of the book, starts, bullets, mines. And we now this territory was never released actually.

Who bothers to do that now?

I don’t know why is not working, the Ministry of defense, Minstets. Probably because I don’t want to work.

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Often the deputies, officials, representatives of business, our elite arrive in ATO zone?

– Very few of them. But I wouldn’t call them elite. Our elite, mostly now part of it is already in the ground, some hospitals, or at home with disabilities, and the part at the front or in the volunteer work. This is our elite. And those who go to expensive suits for BP – it is not elite. It’s just a bunch of garbage, which by hook or by crook, usurped power. They are absolutely temporary.

– Why is the combat, which was a big hope that they will come in BP and everything changed, so quickly settled down?

– I think everyone needs to do their job during the war. I have several political forces have proposed this. It is clear that I could convert into some kind of political component will not, because everyone has to do their job, and I know that I’m not ready for this. It is a pigsty. I respect myself.

– Who is the initiator of smuggling, drug trafficking? Who runs the checkpoints? Where is this going?

Same old police, prosecutorial, and judicial personnel. Those that all the years of independence, sat on the officer, received a salary, robbed the army and the whole security system, and when the war came, she hid behind the volunteers mobilized.

– A checkpoint can get any person to collect tribute?

I don’t know. There are different roadblocks. There are checkpoints, through which there is traffic and there are regular checkpoints. Plus you need to understand that Akhmeta trains are operating completely legally, they are not considered contraband. If it goes in the car is smuggling, if the train is not contraband. Such an absurdity.

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– How you feel good among men in the war?

– I feel comfortable among people and uncomfortable among people. When they say that war has no female face, I say that war in General is not a human face is unnatural for a man to shoot and kill another person. The people who start wars – they’re never on them do not die. Their children do not come back crippled. Themselves they meet at expensive cocktail parties, in offices, drink wine and even slap each other do not give. But if war came to your country, then you always have a choice: to be or not to be in this process, and it depends absolutely not on the floor. This distance is not measured by the miles when I Diaspora in London provides funds for the drones and said, “Excuse me, Mary, that we are so far away from the war.” I told them – you have no idea how you closer than those who would seem, from war a pair of tens to hundreds of kilometers. The distance is measured purely by humanity, not an article and kilometers – to do things or not to do. Women fight as well its history: in the UPA and Soviet army. The most conservative estimate of women in the combat positions during world war II by the Soviet army had more than 800 thousand as the war goes, women in this war are constantly at war and fighting on the fighting posts: medics, snipers, artillery. And do it well. But as soon as the war ends, all say: “It’s not for women”. The war and the army – it is only a matter of professionalism. My project is a sociological study “Invisible battalions” raised this issue. I need this in order to avoid the boiler, in order to avoid the Donetsk airport, information and bloated, but there was no drones, the volunteers came to fly. The criterion should be the selection in the army – professionalism and patriotism, not gender, not age, not to control smuggling, or some schemes. And I want this was done by the elite, one which is now in the trenches.

– What will you do after the war?

– Go to travel and to study abroad. I love the UK. Interesting India. Want to see South America. Definitely the Scandinavian countries.

– A study will where? And to whom?

Is a question that may have to tighten up the language. I was more interested – and the social Sciences and Humanities large processes. In General education I am a historian of Judaism. I would like to continue in this direction education.

– Changed your view of men?

– Changed ideas about his people, about the criteria of humanity and that such friendship.

– How do you feel your people?

– You just have to look in my eyes – and that’s enough.

– You have questions?

– You Like Salinger?

– Of course, especially his novels. What’s his story like?

– “Above the rafters, carpenters”.

– Thank you very much.

Говорят, что у войны не женское лицо, но оно не человеческое
Говорят, что у войны не женское лицо, но оно не человеческое

Говорят, что у войны не женское лицо, но оно не человеческое