Think “black Friday” we bought Yanukovych. Reaction of social networks for the interrogation of the former President

Кажется, в "черную пятницу" мы купили Януковича. Реакция соцсетей на допрос экс-президента

The interrogation of the fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych via video link today, still took place and lasted almost half a day. However, the new information, the ex-President almost said, insisting that “not remember” or “doesn’t know” what happened in a particular day on the Maidan, and who was behind it. We have collected the reaction of users of social networks for Yanukovych’s words in the interrogation.

Envy Yanukovych. I would not want to remember much of life.

— Den (@ukropitek) 28 Nov 2016

Where no new “pearls” of the former President

The new pearl of Yanukovych:”TSE CCB ANNOUNCEMENT,”- kazhe)))Is NONSENSE.

Irina (@KoraGray) 28 Nov 2016

With whom only did not compare the former President, now with a tape recorder Zarya

As you know, the question involved whether he is criminally liable, Yanukovych replied in the negative. From this point, to take seriously his answers became difficult.

Yanukovych asked in court whether he was brought to criminal responsibility before. “No,” replied Yanukovych tried twice)

— Kristina Berdynskykh (@berdynskykh_k) 28 Nov 2016

But you can swedena Yanukovych brother to uwagi, given the, scho VIN demolish the oath on sapitan vzhe about those Chi VIN primacasa?

— Buderatsky (@Buderatsky) 28 Nov 2016

Here a ready script of punishment for the fugitive President

Recall that the interrogation was scheduled for last Friday (aka “black Friday” – the day of discounts and sales), but failed.

Think, on black Friday, which coincided with the first day of interrogation of the character, we accidentally bought Yanukovych. Now looms before my eyes constantly.

— b (@bokudzu) 28 Nov 2016

Listening questioning for 6 hours – a lesson for the patient

And today, by the way, has yet to be a press conference the ex-President. The second 4 days!

Yanukovych in court to listen makes no sense. All works will be at the press conference

Bandera football (@banderfootball) 28 Nov 2016

But seriously:

Briefly about what was happening:

#Yanukovych questioning, summed up.

— Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews) 28 Nov 2016