Thomas: I Want to become the most valuable player and to play in the all-star game

Томас: Хочу стать самым ценным игроком и играть в Матче звезд

ISAA Thomas

The Lakers player said that he wants to be great and is willing to stay in the team, despite the role player of the bench.

Point guard Los Angeles Lakers ISAA Thomas stressed that young NBA players pursue several different goals than he did in their years and at the present time.

“I want to be great, want to become the most valuable player and participate in the all-star game. Their goals are a little different. Those who come into the League at 19-20 years old. I’m trying to convey to them that they can achieve anything they want.

Why can’t they think of more? Obviously, I want to earn good money, but I want to be where I’m needed, where the team wants me to be in it. And that makes you a star, a special player in this League

I like Lakers, I like my role of coaching team, the system itself. The club to me a great attitude. If you succeed, then I will gladly remain here. But no one knows how the end result. When entering the transfer market as a free agent you need to have a fallback. One thing is for sure: I have no claims since, as he wears the uniform of the Lakers,” quoted Thomas Los Angeles Times.

Earlier it was reported that Ben Simmons was the third rookie in history, who triple-double without loss.

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