Three days off the coast of Libya drowned 700 migrants

За три дня у побережья Ливии утонули 700 мигрантов

Over the past three days in the Mediterranean sea drowned more than 700 migrants and refugees, the BBC reports with reference to the press-Secretary of UNHCR Carlotta Sami.

According to her, this high mortality is the result of three Maritime disasters that have occurred in the Mediterranean sea South of the coast of Italy on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, when the migrants tried to reach Europe.

As reported yesterday, 28 may, forces of the Italian Navy pulled out of the water the bodies of 45 migrants who tried to reach Europe via the Mediterranean route. Dozens of others had been missing.

According to preliminary estimates, on Board the sunken ship with illegal migrants could be about 350 people.

Earlier, on Wednesday, may 25, off the coast of Libya capsized fishing boat carrying hundreds of migrants, at least five people drowned. It was noted that was rescued 550 people, but the exact number of migrants who were on the boat, is not known.