Three people died from the flu in the Chernihiv region

Три человека умерли из-за гриппа в Черниговской области

In Ukraine, the growing number of deaths from flu

All the victims were treated independently at home and was already hospitalized in serious condition.

Over the weekend in Chernihiv region due to complications from influenza three people died. On Monday, January 14, UNIAN news Agency reports, citing the press service of the Department of health Chernihiv oblast state administration.

Thus, in Chernihiv city hospital №1 died 32-the summer woman. According to preliminary data, she was a doctor and worked abroad, came from Russia to stay with relatives and became ill. More than a week, he stayed at home.

In the same hospital from viral pneumonia as a result of the flu has died 60-the summer man. It is noted that he later sought medical help.

Another patient, a 48-year-old woman died in Gorodnyansky district hospital. She was hospitalized in serious condition. In women laboratory tests the selected strain of influenza AH1N1, which refers to the varieties of swine flu (pandemic).

Thus, in Chernihiv oblast for the start of the current season recorded seven deaths due to complications of viral diseases.

In the whole region the incidence of influenza and SARS are below the epidemiological boundary is 8.6%. Exceeding the epidemic level of influenza and SARS registered in Borovichi, Varvinsky, Koryukovka, MENA, Nizhyn, Soniccom areas, Pryluky and Chernihiv.

Earlier it was reported that since the beginning of the year in Kiev, died from influenza three people. In all three cases, cases too late sought medical help.

As of 10 January in Ukraine since the beginning of this epidemic season of influenza died 13 people.


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