Three years ago stormed the SBU in Lugansk

Как три года назад штурмовали СБУ в Луганске

The head of the SBU in the Luhansk region (March-April 2014) Alexander Petrulevich in the program “Gordon” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. 26.03.2017

To understand who stormed back at the end of January 2014. In late January 2014, when independence occurred, the corresponding event in the Luhansk region created the so-called “headquarters for the stabilization of the situation” which led the Governor pristyuk (Vladimir pristyuk – the Governor of Lugansk region from 10 November 2010 to March 2, 2014 – ed.). The headquarters was part of the SBU, MIA, Prosecutor’s office and so on. A list was included, and MOE. And the task was: create self-defense units of the Cossacks, Afghans, combatants, and so on. The result is accumulated, it is on the Internet, we tracked and immediately began to study this question.

I was surprised that when I arrived in Lugansk region, we had blocked the whole area and the city. Worth a post of GAI and around 8-10 people in a strange form, the so-called “self-defense” or “Lugansk guard”. It was prepared in January 2014. And the number was 8-10 thousand units worked Russian special services. Among the attackers were Chechens. Me and interrogated one of the Chechens. We understood each other.

On the number 6 (April 6, 2014 – ed.) to enter ATO the chief of regional management should report to the head of the ATD in the country. And only then the head of the ATD, I’m talking about the legitimate mechanism of the ATC, in writing permit. Or enters, or authorizes the chief of regional management. When he stormed the office, was not the chief of the ATC. For 26 Feb Totsky, until then, had fled to the Crimea, was removed from the chief of the ATC. And the new is appointed. Only made 7th. Appointed by the President or acting President.

Therefore, on April 6, when stormed, I was not able to bring the ATO in Lugansk for one simple reason – it was not the chief of the ATC. He was assigned to the 7th number. General Gypsy.

When I came to the office, I was surprised by many things. “Alpha” is a combat unit for special tasks, in Lugansk the control was reduced to the extreme, and had as many as eight people. And in the next five refused to carry out the tasks. Said they according to their internal state can’t accomplish.

Alexander Petrulevich

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