Three years “volunteers” impossible and unnecessary

Три года "волонтерить" невозможно и не нужно

As a volunteer I was at Euro 2012. I believe that volunteering is the crutches, which are needed in order to the person who broke her leg, could start to rely on them to get out of bed and start walking. Then need to put the crutches, take a stick, then upload the leg and walk like a normal character. The problem of Ukraine is that someone is very beneficial to the armpits of this country were crutches, because someone in charge of the cashier, who pays these crutches and three years “volunteers” impossible and not necessary. Those who know how should go inside the system and not create parallel, and something to do. Those who do not know, these permanent options, “we sit here under the “Grad” is the number of the card, help the kids, pray, get back safe”, I believe, is already beginning to irritate even those who are in the system.

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I feel responsible for the fact that I was there. I was in the war, with the military. Although, they say: “How did you get into TAU? You can’t get into the anti-terrorist operation, if you don’t work in the anti-terrorist kind of structure.” Therefore, it is a war. It is not declared. The Russians are not called to war, they believe that free the Ukraine from some sort of Western villains – gays, “Bandera”, “Pindos”. Well, they have all the time hanged there on all some labels. And I believe that we will win. All that is happening is that the exacerbation of the disease. Usually aggravation leads either to recovery or to death. Here we are waiting for either / or. What can we expect, recovery or death, depends only on us, from the will, from the mind of education. We must remember that man is composed of what he drank, ate, heard and read. Reading, listening, eating and drinking are not what we are doing now, actually, so live.

Alexey Mochanov

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