Through PPC “Novotroitsk” temporarily suspended traffic, – Slobodyan

Через КПВВ "Новотроицкое" временно приостановлено движение транспорта, - Слободян

Traffic through controlmy point of entry/exit “Novotroitsk” in Mariupol direction is temporarily suspended. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” was declared by the speaker of the State border service Oleg Slobodyan.

“Last night militants from 120 mm mortars fired at the checkpoint “birch” which is in the direction of Novotroitsk. None of Ukrainian defenders, during the shelling was not injured. At the same time, after 22 hours was made part of the solution, and we were allowed into the territory, which is controlled by us, yet more than 80 people. These are the people who are already at the last moment, when worked KPVV left in the so-called “grey area”, but they did not let the militants, said “spend the night here.” Given the risks and threats, the decision was made, and these people returned back to the territory, which is controlled by us. In the morning the situation is as follows, we ready to design people in the direction of Novotroitsk, and KPVV “Novotroitsk” at checkout in the morning was about 30 vehicles, but not carry out clearance and pass the militants on the territory that is not controlled by us. If they start to implement the design of cars and people, respectively, and we will implement also to draw people and transport”, – he said.

While Slobodyan noted that while it is not known why the militants stopped the skipping on the territory under their control. “We with them do not support any relationships, communication is only possible in the mediation mission of the OSCE or any other organizations. At the moment convincing answer or any argument why they do not pass, we have,” he concluded.

As reported, over the past day militants fired 29 times Ukrainian military positions, 20 attacks recorded from 18:00 on April 27, until midnight. “In Mariupol direction under fire were the positions of the Ukrainian defenders in the area of Shyrokyne and Novotroitsk. There, the militants also used mortars of 82 mm caliber”, – said the press center of staff ATO.