Through the Ukrainian-Polish border during the day, five times tried to move illegally tobacco products

Через украинско-польскую границу за сутки пять раз пытались незаконно переместить табачные изделия

Cigarette, archival photo

Over the past day law enforcers in the Lviv and Volyn oblasts prevented five attempts of illegal movement of tobacco products in Poland. About it reports a press-service gpsu.

According to the report, this represents a total of more than 1 thousand packs of cigarettes.

In particular, three cigarettes were found by border guards of Lutsk detachment in the check point “Yagodyn”. “To deliver the tobacco to the neighboring country tried three citizens and a citizen of Poland, who carried goods in the cabin and under the hood of the three cars”, – noted in state frontier service.

Another attempt of illegal movement of tobacco smoke has stopped in PP “uhryniv”. The border guards of Lviv detachment detected 330 packs of cigarettes. The offender planned to move to Poland cigarettes, hiding them in the fuel tank.

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“Another Polish citizen, was returning home through the checkpoint “shehyni” also with cigarettes in their car. The bed of the truck he hid 150 packs of tobacco products. However, on the way he became a service dog. Because as soon as the truck stopped, interact with four-legged aide to the border guards Mostyska squad, who “pointed out” by his behavior that the vehicle is tobacco “treasure”, – added in the message.

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