Throughout Khmelnytskyi region restricted movement of heavy trucks because of the ice

Во всей Хмельницкой области ограничили движение тяжеловесного транспорта из-за гололеда

Ukravtodor warns of traffic restrictions for heavy vehicles in Khmelnytskyi region

Throughout Khmelnytskyi region restricted movement of heavy vehicles because of the ice. This reports the press service of “Ukravtodor”.

“From 10:30 a restriction of movement of heavy vehicles and buses road network in Khmelnytskyi region. Rainfall in sub-zero temperatures led to the formation of slipperiness on the road surface. To avoid road accidents, congestion and to allow the road builders to quickly carry out processing of pavement de-icing compounds, movement is temporarily restricted,” the report said.

Previously, the movement of heavy trucks has been restricted in the North of Khmelnitsky region.

Note, in the Volyn region the roads are completely closed due to ice.

Note that in all of Ukraine today, December 8, is expected to sleet, the temperature of air to +3. In the West of the country the day predict snow with a rain, the temperature is from -1 to +3. In the North, from -1 to +1. In the Eastern part of Ukraine snow, the temperature will be from -1 to -3. In the southern regions no precipitations, temperatures from 0 to +3, and in the occupied Crimea Sunny, to +2.

In the capital, day temperatures from -1 to +1, the expected snow and rain.