Time 59 minutes

 Успеваем все за 59 минут

As Alfa-Bank Ukraine and Ukrsotsbank quickly and make favorable loans and why these money convenient to use, and what amount you can receive within hours

Most valuable for modern citizens – time. Very tasty for the client’s feeling when he sees respect for their time, and gets predictable results. That is why Alfa-Bank Ukraine and Ukrsotsbank offered loans to individuals, which can be obtained in less than an hour.

How does it work? Quickly. If you do without an income, you can get 50 thousand hryvnias. But if help is what you can count on the sum to 500 thousand. It costs only 18% per annum, and the loan can take up to 4 years.

The Bank is ready to grant the loan for 59 minutes, but if not – the rate will be reduced by 20% (until the end of April, and 10% by the end of may). Although statistics say that the loan processing takes an average of no more than 45 minutes.

To obtain such a loan without income certificate is enough to show the Bank your passport and reference on assignment of a tax identification number. Approximately 5-7 minutes is the discussion of the required amount and filling in a form the borrower. In the questionnaire, in addition to the data on himself, the Bank asks you to specify data of a third party – usually it is the spouse (wife) of the client. Also interested in information on paid credits, if any.

 Успеваем все за 59 минут



After filling in the form Manager enters the information from it in a special computer program – and the program will analyze them. Therefore, the decision is made quickly – a maximum of another 15 minutes looking for it.

After which it remains is formalities – print of the contract, copying documents, signatures and seals. All in all about 10 more minutes. Probably, soon it will be possible to do all this without going to the Bank – when the Parliament will approve the bill. But while it is necessary to apply to the Bank at least one visit.

All completed presentation envelope with MasterCard World Debit and pin to it. On the map, and will be enrolled provided by the Bank funds. To use them without additional fees, they can either completely or partially to withdraw from an ATM of the Bank or to pay by card in shops, Internet, restaurants, etc.

After using the credit money, the card can be operated on already with their own money – including outside of Ukraine. But you can still use additional funds in the framework of the program “Installment” is a loan of up to 5 thousand UAH. for up to 12 months. To obtain an “Installment” no special additional action is required.