Titled Ukrainian returned to Ukrainian citizenship and wants to qualify for the Olympics

Титулованная украинка вернула украинское гражданство и мечтает отобраться на Олимпиаду

Inna Osipenko-Radomskaya

Inna Osipenko-Radomskaya will participate in his fifth Olympic games for the Ukrainian national team.

Olympic champion Inna Osipenko-Radomskaya, which from 2014 to 2016 performance for Azerbaijan, intends to qualify for the national team of Ukraine and to get the license for the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020. The 35-year-old rower said in an interview to the press service of the canoe Federation of Ukraine.

“The motivation here is the only one – the love of his sport. I love rowing, I like to do. The main reason is probably the fact that I’m not tired of it. In addition, I have more desire to realize in the sport. There is a desire to get out on the water and start to get the adrenaline from racing and victories.

At this stage I’m happy with the work that was done. The result, which I show in training that satisfies me under the circumstances that we have now. Plus there is some more time for work and implementation.

I had a big break in the physical work. During pregnancy I haven’t done any loads, because the priority of the I was a child, his health. I was really limited her physical activities, the child is comfortable in normally developed. The break was more than a year, and it makes itself felt.

Aim to get into the national team of Ukraine, and then to fight for an Olympic place in Tokyo 2020. That is, I have time to optimum form, and then Olympic – before the Olympics for another two years.

Look at the Cup, how will competitive against athletes who are now part of the national team of Ukraine. The girls have grown, become stronger, they passed the Olympic games, which gave them even more crush – emotional and energetic gave me more desire to work, grow in the future to be not just participants in the Games, but on the Olympic podium,” – said Osipenko-Radomskaya.

Inna Osipenko-Radom won a gold medal at the 2008 Games in Beijing, as well as two silver in London 2012 and bronze in Athens 2004. In the national team of Azerbaijan Osipenko-Radom won a bronze award the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian gymnast Peter Pahnyuk who played for Azerbaijan, decided to regain Ukrainian citizenship.

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