TKEY DMCC announced the launch of the IPEO in the platform Tkeycoin

TKEY DMCC объявила запуск IPEO в рамках платформы Tkeycoin

Important news came from the company-developer of blockchain project Tkeycoin. The fact that it had launched a IPEO (Initial pre-exchange offer).

The company TKEY DMCC launched the process IPEO (Initial pre-exchange offer) on a blockchain project Tkeycoin – primary pre-market the supply of capital on special preferential terms. IPEO will last from 08 April to 30 April 2019.

Just round IPEO allocated 10 000 000 in assets. This step is due to the growth in the number of users Tkeycoin and the need to attract additional funds that will be used as a financial resource for future scalability within Russia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East countries. Another objective of the upcoming IPEO is to maximize the total capitalization of the project Tkeycoin prior to the placement of assets on the stock market. After the initial premarket proposals the company will hold an official listing on a major exchanges.

In accordance with the terms of the IPEO will be available to the investors of the premium rewards program allowing you to earn 2% to 20% of additional assets over the amount of payment depending on the volume of investments. Comfortable and explained the problem Tkeycoin is able to increase the capitalization of the project before the start of the placement of assets on the stock market.

Because the assets Tkeycoin have a good reputation and is known for high reliability and cryptocurrency exchanges now there is a lull, IPEO may exceed the expectations of stakeholders.