To be Yanukovych for seven hours of interrogation, not to answer any question

Быть Януковичем: Как за семь часов допроса не ответить ни на один вопрос

Yanukovych, apparently, really wanted to share, to talk, to be heard. The court arrived on time, notes everything with him, he often returns to the papers, the second week a press conference was planned.

Emaciated, self-righteous, almost seven hours spent on her feet while answering questions. During this time, the protection of “Berkut officers”, the prosecution and protection of victims “held” fugitive former President around the Maidan. But he knows nothing. Says that knows nothing, heard nothing, almost no one spoke, and those who said, or liars, or used the situation to their advantage.

“His testimony about anything. Answers to the questions or not, or they are false” – after questioning the answers Yanukovych described the Prosecutor Alexey Donskoy.

Yanukovych denied it. It was not, in his version, nor instructions on the execution of the Maidan, no contact with Surkov and even with Putin. “Don’t You remember how were talking with the opposition, and then on the phone with Putin when shot people on the Maidan?” – asked don. “No, I do not remember such conversations. They are likely not been” – said Yanukovych.

Nothing unusual Yanukovych did not happen, and when Instytutska 20 February developed this carnage. Asked about the morning, but nothing “extraordinary in this day in his work has not happened.” He remembers how he received information about the arrival of the delegation of foreign Ministers from the EU, and was just preparing to meet the distinguished guests. He also talked to Joe Biden and with President Komorowski, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and nothing in his memory, judging by the answers the Prosecutor’s question of the don, about hundreds of deaths. Nothing. He doesn’t even remember how many then shot. “About 70-80 people. I don’t remember exactly,” – said Yanukovych and after adds to get to the next question: “wounded twice”.

From further questioning we become aware that at least six times even to President Yanukovych reported injuries or fatalities. He says only about six such messages: 24, 27, 30 Jan and 18, 19, 20 Feb. And, as the questioning continues, there are details, though quite a bit. Posures a few papers, he found the message a press-services and remembered that he had met on 19 February with representatives of the opposition agreed with them about the truce.

On 20 February, Yanukovych woke up early, probably at his residence. Who and how he reported about the massacre in the capital, he can’t remember exactly, but usually such help came in the morning, six o’clock or seven in the morning. Thursday (it was Thursday, not important, Yanukovych remembers about it or not – ed) to help, the witness said, was all the details. But he did not remember. To clarify something could only the heads of the Ministry of internal Affairs (Vitaliy Zakharchenko – ed.), SBU (Alexander Yakimenko – ed.) or GPU (Viktor Pshonka, – ed.). That day he might be called Klyuev (Andriy Klyuyev headed the AP under President Yanukovych – ed.).

The Prosecutor’s office claims that about 6:40 (6:41-6:42) a.m. February 20, Yanukovych called defense Minister Lebedev.

After this conversation, Yanukovych called Zakharchenko – 6:49-6:52;

then Yakimenko – 6:52-7:00;

then two more times Zakharchenko (7:01-7:04 and 8:24-8:29).

It was right before executions. Yanukovych these conversations can’t remember.

The orders of Yanukovych as President, nor to fire nor to stop it, is also not allowed. Because I couldn’t. After the press conference on Friday, hardly anyone expected different answers, but on the court, Yanukovych said that he had not given orders for the shooting of the Maidan, because powers had not. A cease-fire could not because he was shot, according to his belief, on the part of protesters. Simply put, “there was no one to give commands”. On the gun that shot people, doesn’t know anything either. In short, the answer is let those who are by law responsible for the collection of weapons. But about the weapons on the Maidan he reported, especially that it was on the fifth floor in the House of trade unions. But orders to the security forces, but to act according to the law, he argues that it is not allowed.

And about to “strangle the Maidan,” he’s never not discussed it with anyone, especially with the leadership of the Russian Federation. He is absolutely sure.

Remember, as you fled from Kiev. Remembers. He told how Alexander Turchinov (February 22, became the speaker 23 and acting President – ed.) had threatened to raise to intercept their aircraft fighters. From Mezhyhirya, Yanukovych went to Kharkov. There he spent the night and headed to Donetsk. In the second half February 22, 2014 Yanukovych landed in Donetsk. He needed to get to the plane “Falcon”, but the plane has not released the border guards, Yanukovych headed in the direction of the Crimea. From there he went to Novorossiysk.

And the alleged assassination remembers. Very in detail tells about a wounded guard and a few minutes in the papers looking for his name. Petr Ivantsov, the so-called wounded February 22, near Melitopol Yanukovych guard.

Again memory fails at the moment of crossing the border. Some time was lost, but in the end I remembered that he had left Ukraine on February 24, 2014. However, in addition to the Prosecutor is almost never interesting because of the case of “Berkut” does not apply. In case of treason, with the prosecution in which the defense of Yanukovych briefed the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko.

“The day of reckoning will come!” – these words threw the attorney General Lutsenko in the direction of witness Yanukovych. He, answering the last questions of the interview concerning leadership of the shootings, he replied: “No.” And to relatives of killed Maidan protesters apologized. Said that he did everything he could to avoid the blood. Still – what would you like to meet the face of the court, with everyone in winter 2014 held negotiations. And near relatives of killed Maidan protesters would like to see relatives of the victims of the security forces.

According to the Ministry of health from 30 November 2013 to 14 April during protests in Kyiv and in the regions have killed 106 people.

According to the interior Ministry from February 18 to March 2, 2014 during the performance of official duties killed 20 law enforcement officers. According to media reports, from 18 to 20 February in Kiev were killed four police officers and interior Ministry troops. Gennady Moskal, being the people’s Deputy, Chairman of VSK on investigation of events at Euromaidan, I reported that killed and wounded law enforcement officers were not recognized as victims, it is judicial-ballistic and other expert examination was not carried out, and some of the bullets that killed police officers, took relatives.