To buy an apartment now, more than ever, it is difficult and more than ever profitable

Купить квартиру сейчас, как никогда, сложно и как никогда выгодно

Each concern the question of how best to choose LCD, or buy an apartment on the secondary market? Which area is more convenient for your stay and the apartment in the suburbs better (worse) the capital property? And most importantly: how to minimize risks when buying an apartment, and not become a victim of speculators? What is more profitable: the installments from the Adjuster, or a Bank loan? And where in Kiev and its suburbs can be bought in installments apartment in a new building? The complexity of choice is that the answers to these and many other questions lie on the surface and You have to thoroughly to understand! The benefit moment is that now is a “price bottom”, and the hryvnia real estate prices will continue to rise!

In addition, new homes and new communications, modern design, and most importantly, normal neighbors. Although, with apartments in new buildings in Kiev and region is not so simple. Not all homes are commissioned in the promised time or not being completed or not commissioned at all. Now, however, the primary real estate market in already commissioned homes still have a small selection of apartments from the developer. Thus, the risk of delaying or stopping the construction can eliminate or minimize!

The choice of options is very large, and You must decide for yourself what is important to You: prestige, comfort, ecology, cost or purchase security. Apartment in the center of Kiev is certainly prestigious, but of great comfort then look no further. Apartment in the “bedroom” area in the metro, of course, will be cheaper.

In some of those areas of comfort, and perhaps the environment will be greater. Buying an apartment in distant from metro areas will receive not only prestige, but also comfort with the environment. It will be much cheaper, but I would like this option quite discarded. Otherwise, Your life will turn into the road.

Today, there are more interesting offers! The new complexes are growing rapidly in the suburbs of Kiev. Developers choose for them the location so that accessibility was not worse than the residential areas of the capital. The demand for housing in the suburbs is growing every year and, although this image of the cave, You will not find here, the rest – advantages. Consider the example LCD “Cute flats”.

Town with the romantic name of Sweetheart is in the suburbs of Kiev, just a 15-minute drive from the metro station “Zhitomir”. Houses are built of red brick with external insulation. Land under construction within the property of the cooperative building and maintenance complex, obtained all the necessary permits! From metro station “Nivki” we go to 17 different minibuses. Honey itself is buried in verdure of gardens and woodland, surrounded by waterfalls, picturesque lakes, while there is Central water and sewer, infrastructure, substation “ambulance”, library, beauty salon, branch of New mail, grocery stores. Four houses in the complex are already in operation! The construction of the fifth, in which you can invest without a substantial down payment and with a free schedule of payments! For apartments in the rented houses are also available by installments up to 3 years. In total, the complex will have nine houses and a kindergarten. A 10-minute walking distance are: school, kindergarten, hospital, market, Bank, post office, pharmacy, supermarket, sports complex with swimming pool, gym and restaurant-entertainment complexes. The territory of the LCD is fenced and landscaped, the yards are a sufficient number of free Parking spaces for all residents and guests. More detailed layout of apartments and conditions of payment You will be able to see on the website.

If You are a supporter of open space, clean air, peace and tranquility, an apartment in a Cute village, Kievo-Svyatoshinsky district – a great opportunity to combine all the benefits of civilization and a city apartment with convenient transport interchange, developed infrastructure and beauty of life in nature.