To capture the Elevator was attended by veterans of the ATO – MIA

В захвате элеватора участвовали ветераны АТО - МВД

The interior Ministry is considering the adequacy of the police action on the Elevator in Kharkiv region

In this action involving the people who have the reputation of volunteers and fought in various units of the armed forces, national guard or police.

In the campaign to capture the Elevator in Kharkiv region included men who fought in the Donbass. This was told to journalists on Wednesday, 12 September, the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, reports 112 Ukraina.

“In this action involving the people who have the reputation of volunteers and fought in various units of the Armed forces, national guard or police,” – said Avakov.

He added that the incident Natspolitsiya plans to present a suspicion the ex-chief of company police of East case Oleg Shiryaev.

“We consider the adequacy of the actions, including the local head of police, as it happened, as it allowed”, – said Avakov.

Noted that the information on this fact made in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations with the legal qualification under the wrongful misappropriation of property of enterprises, institutions, organizations.

In addition, it appeared that the unknown provided to the state Registrar of forged documents. The result was the modified head of the company. Information about forgery and use of forged documents, investigators also brought in eRDR under article forgery of documents, seals, stamps and forms, sale or use of forged documents, seals, stamps of the criminal code.

We will remind, on September 11 in the village of Kazanka in Zmiev district, Kharkiv region there was a mass brawl. According to police, the incident occurred when “a group of unknown persons in Balaclava” tried to enter the territory of the Elevator, where the inhabitants of Zmiev. In fact the incident police arrested 22 suspects.

On the eve in Odessa for more than 20 unknown seized private enterprise Concrete-Odessa. Police arrested 21 people. It turned out that the men brought from Kyiv and Rivne. One of them allegedly was a citizen of the Russian Federation.

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