To deal with the Northern stream-2 is useless – Medvedchuk

Бороться с Северным потоком-2 бесполезно – Медведчук

Viktor Medvedchuk is convinced that alternatives to Russian natural gas no

The capacity of the Ukrainian GTS can be claimed when Nord stream-2 will be built but you need to negotiate with Russia and Europe, he said.

The Ukrainian government misjudge the situation with the support of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2 in the EU and Europe in General. The project has already taken place, and to fight it useless. But even in this situation, the ability to save the transit of Russian gas via Ukraine is.

Wrote about this in his blog, leader of the Public movement Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people Viktor Medvedchuk.

“Alternatives to Russian natural gas, there is not only from the point of view of the prohibitive cost of purchasing gas from alternative sources, but also from the point of view of logistics. Capacity of Polish terminal for receiving LNG will not allow its supplies to Ukraine even in small amounts. The question with the passage of LNG tankers through the Turkish Straits has not been resolved, and the terminal for its acceptance Ukraine is not. The Netherlands has already started the sharp decline in gas production due to environmental problems and opportunities for Norway in the coming years will decrease sharply, it is now unable to increase its production”, – wrote the Medvedchuk.

About what the Ukrainian government does not understand the situation, especially reflected in the statement of the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on European integration Elena serkal, said that only four EU countries – Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium – do not support the position of Ukraine on the construction of Nord stream-2, said Medvedchuk.

“The statement that was made on July 20, but it goes on to quote online. It is therefore advisable to make the following comments. And what about Czech Republic? Yes, initially she was against the pipeline, but then its position is changed. The same way was done by Slovakia. It is possible to attribute to the opponents of Nord stream-2 France? If you do not take into consideration statements of some politicians and even representatives of the authorities – it is impossible. If we consider an active part in the project energy and gas giant ENGIE, the main owner – the state, France is undoubtedly not only a supporter but also a participant of the project”, – said the leader of Ukrainian choice.

Sweden formally condemning the construction of the gas pipeline, agreed on the delineation of the course for his strip in the Swedish exclusive economic zone in the Baltic sea. And the position of the oscillating Denmark, said Medvedchuk, are not fundamental for the project.

“Italy abstains on all votes in the EU Council of Nord stream-2. It is support of Ukraine? It is not necessary to indulge in wishful thinking. It has nothing to do with protecting the interests of Ukraine. What are they made of? In agreement with Russia and Europe to create a joint gas transportation consortium, which Ukraine does not” – said the leader of Ukrainian choice.

Medvedchuk is convinced that the ability to save the transit of gas through Ukraine is still there.

“Given the forecasts of a sharp increase in the EU (due to the growth of the European economy, the loss of gas production in Norway and the Netherlands, the massive failure of Europe from coal as a fuel because of its negative impact on the environment) the capacity of the Ukrainian GTS can be claimed. An important advantage of Ukraine is that the supply of gas through the Ukrainian GTS is cheaper buying it in USA or Qatar. There is a chance. To negotiate, Ukrainian officials do not want, and only worsens the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, between Naftogaz and Gazprom. This is the way to complete loss of gas transit through Ukraine. Time for a real solution of the problem (at least partial preservation of transit) there are very few,” warns Medvedchuk.

We will remind, on August 7 it became known that Gazprom has cut supplies to Europe via Ukraine and Belarus. The application for the transit of gas through Ukraine via the Uzhgorod corridor on Tuesday was at 127 million cubic meters, which is 14% lower than the fact of pumping Monday.

It was also reported that the next trilateral meeting between EU, Russia and Ukraine on gas transit to Europe will be held in the month of October, after the expert consultation in September.

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