To detain the robber, the girl-COP asked him out on a date

Чтобы задержать грабителя, девушка-коп пригласила его на свидание

Anastasia Skrebneva called the robber and made a date

The police had only the phone number of the attacker. To lure his girlfriend-police called and made the man a date.

An employee of the national police in Kamenka, Dnipropetrovsk region Anastasia Skrebneva detained the robber, assigning it a date. On Wednesday, January 24, the press service of the national police in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

As reported, the evening of January 19, while on patrol street cops heard that the hospital shouting woman. 59-year-old victim told the police that ran up to her, the stranger pushed her to the ground, pulled out from hands a bag and ran away. With will she only remember the clothes of the attacker.

Through visitors to the hospital, police managed to establish the identity and mobile number of the probable robber.

To lure the attacker to the meeting, the employee and the police had to play the loving girlfriend. Skrebneva called the young man and made a date.

The police reported that this decision allowed them within a few hours after committing the crime to detain the attacker.

Information on this fact brought in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigation under article “robbery”. The man reported about suspicion.

As reported, in Odessa with the chase and shooting detained robbers from Georgia.

Earlier in the Zaporozhye region law enforcement officers detained the robbers, who tortured retired.