To Help Ukraine. Denmark blocks Nord stream-2

Помочь Украине. Дания блокирует Северный поток-2

Technically, the Nord stream-2 ready for construction, but Denmark did not give permission

In the Danish Parliament, a bill to prohibit the pipeline. He also threatened US sanctions.

Denmark may block or delay the construction of the pipeline Nord stream-2, said Danish Prime Minister Lars løkke Rasmussen during the joint press conference with the head of the Ukrainian government Volodymyr Groisman on June 26.

Negotiations Groisman Rasmussen took place on the eve of the conference in Copenhagen on reforms in Ukraine. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Only Denmark will not allow the Nord stream-2

Denmark – the last country which has not yet issued a permit for laying the new pipe under the Baltic sea in its exclusive economic zone. The permission to the new pipeline passed through their waters have given Germany, Russia, Finland and Sweden.

Rasmussen said that Denmark could adopt a law officially allowing to veto and to ban the construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2 through its territorial waters.

The Danish Prime Minister stressed that held a Parliament of his country, the bill that would block or significantly delay the implementation of the pipeline in the legal field.

He noted that Denmark alone is unable to solve the issue of Nord stream-2 and proposed to make the discussions on European level. According Groisman, it will allow the EU to “seriously and carefully analyze all risks and the role of Ukraine as a transit country for fuel.”

And with the Northern stream. Gazprom cannot do without Ukraine

“We need to pay attention to all the warnings, all the problems, it is necessary to perceive all the issues associated with Ukraine, very, very seriously,” said Rasmussen.

The Prime Minister said that Denmark has not yet set a date for a final decision on the construction of the pipeline.

Помочь Украине. Дания блокирует Северный поток-2

Groisman and Rasmussen in Copenhagen / EPA

“The construction of Nord stream-2 carries a geopolitical and European implication”, he said.

On June 25, the state Department said that the countries of Europe can stop the construction of Nord stream-2. The US stressed that the project getproviders success.

“Europe remains the levers to stop the project, pause or reformat,” said Deputy assistant Secretary of state Sandra Odekirk speech at the Atlantic Council.

She stressed that the Nord stream-2 is a problem for Ukraine and for the whole of Europe.

June 27, Executive Director of the Eastern Committee of German economy Michael harms pointed to significant potential problems of the pipeline Nord stream-2 in case of imposing of sanctions by the US.

The Eastern Committee of German combines business that conducts business in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. According to Michael harms, technically the chances of blocking Nord stream-2 his opponents no.

He noted that there is an alternative route around Denmark. Therefore, he says, “this pipeline will be built anyway”, although it does not preclude problems with the operation and sale of gas.

But the gas pipeline project threaten other circumstances.

“If the Americans will impose sanctions on Nord stream-2, the Western partners will be very risky”, – predicts harms.

Kiev invited. Opened a new gas pipeline to Europe

He recalled that the possibility to impose restrictive measures in respect of the pipeline, States have accepted last year the law.

“In this case, lost the economic sense of the project. So unfortunately, this project is still under question,” he concluded.

The managing Director of Nord Stream 2 Floor Concoran previously said that the pipeline construction will begin immediately after the last received building permits from Denmark and Russia.

Corcoran added that currently the project delivered 96 per cent of pipes and related materials.

The formation of the new Ukraine

Also issued a joint appeal to the Prime Ministers of Groisman and Rasmussen called the Formation of a new Ukraine. Корреспондент.net cites some extracts from it.

Conference about the Ukrainian reforms is called an important step “towards better times in the country in which the war continues”.

“Now for Ukraine and Europe the stakes. Together we want to take this opportunity to remind each other what is happening, how and why… Russia’s Aggression against Ukraine is still not finished. She broke international laws and norms and has caused instability in Europe”, – the statement says.

It is noted that 1.5 million have become refugees, and the conflict people die.

“Europe should not forget about what is happening in Ukraine. And that is the reason behind it. That free Ukrainians in the winter of 2014 has made its choice: a future with Europe,” – wrote the premiere.

It is said that in Ukraine held an important reform such as pension, education and health. Started banking sector reform, energy sector, procurement, public administration and decentralization.

“Ukraine remains a strategically important country for gas supplies to the EU. There is no doubt that Ukraine has to offer its European neighbours much more,” – says the publication.

USPH Ukraine – TSE spilna Sprava, Yak pragunema are Robit again. Demokratichni world DNase navkolo our day. #UkraineReform #UkraineReformConference

— Volodymyr Groysman (@VGroysman) 27 Jun 2018

Critical to the success of reforms in Ukraine is the fight against corruption. The division of the EU’s fight against corruption, led by Denmark, is ready to provide Ukraine with necessary support in creating the anti-corruption court.

“We believe that the success of a reformed and rich Ukraine is of paramount importance. And not only for the Ukrainian people, but also for Europe as a whole,” the statement says.

In interesah the EU to support Pro-European aspirations of Ukraine. Therefore, Denmark allocates 530 million crowns in support of human rights, good governance and sustainable economic growth in Ukraine for the next five years.

“So Denmark is also organizing a conference in Copenhagen on 27 June. It is more than a meeting of representatives of the governments; it also is a significant contribution to make Ukraine stronger and strengthen ties between Ukraine and world community,” goovrit in the material.

“We hope that the success in the struggle for a new, reformed Ukraine will demonstrate to Russia that in the 21st century in our Europe will not tolerate aggression, which was typical for 19th century” – is an appeal.


As Ukraine struggles with Nord Stream

In late may, Naftogaz in Switzerland started the procedure for the imposition of interim measures for the shares of Nord Stream AG Nord Stream AG 2 – project companies of the Nord stream and Nord stream-2, respectively.

The procedure of debt collection, also started in Britain and the Netherlands, said the source of Interfax in the Ukrainian government. We are talking about the imposition of interim measures for the shares of Nord Stream AG Nord Stream AG 2. Now they are frozen.

Thus, Ukraine has started the procedure of recovery from the Russian company Gazprom $ 2.6 billion that Naftogaz was awarded the Stockholm arbitration court in late winter of 2018.

Nord stream-2 will be Ukrainian?

In early June, a Dutch court has arrested assets of Gazprom. “The Dutch court granted these motions, but six of the seven subsidiaries of Gazprom in the Netherlands refused to cooperate with law enforcement officers”, – is spoken in the message of Naftogaz.

As stated by the head of Naftogaz Andrey Kobelev will use “all available legal means and instruments to enforce decisions and to receive from Gazprom the amount awarded”.

In Naftogaz also said that initiated the seizure of other assets of Gazprom, including stakes in Nord Stream AG Nord Stream AG 2.

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