To increase MPs salary or not: the views of the deputies

Повышать депутатам зарплату или нет: Мнения народных избранников

Ivan Krulko, “Fatherland”

In fact, the Parliament is planning to approve the budget of the Verkhovna Rada and to regulate the salaries of personnel, assistants to MPs and MPs.

Victoria syumar of the “popular front”

I think that MPs need salary increase in accordance with how it grows from all the others. If we do not increase officials, civil servants, to increase themselves, well, this is not a position that can be supported, and I do not see today of votes for adoption of such decision.

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Pavel Pynzenyk, people’s front

An integral part of this budget is, including regulation of remuneration of labor of people’s deputies and assistants-consultants of people’s deputies of Ukraine, where the document provides for the establishment of wages multiplicity MP to a living wage. That is, BP has established a living wage, and the deputies believe that the money can live. This means that the MP salary should be determined up to a multiple of this size… I think I will have to ask the Chairman of BP to the end of these consultations, to defer consideration of this matter and to come to a vote in the hall when there is a common understanding about the adequacy of establishing salaries. Now, the document mentions the amount to the people’s Deputy, member of the Committee, that is, a low threshold is of the order of 25 thousand UAH per month for the Chairman of BP – about 28 thousand UAH per month… Personally, I am convinced that the wages of the MP should be commensurate with its status. Everything else is hypocrisy.

Oleg Lyashko, RPL

First we need to raise the salaries of Ukrainians. And we do it. My requirement is to radically increase the minimum wage for Ukrainians. We have achieved this. Not enough, not enough, but better than 1600 UAH. Is 3200 UAH, then we will achieve next. Will vygryzat everything you can so that people had paid. And then any increase in the salaries of officials should be tied to economic growth in the country. There are economy, there is growth, it is possible to raise salaries. If not, the issue is untimely.

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Yuriy Chizhmar, RPL

Someone has tens of millions he doesn’t need the paycheck. And there are many members who live on wages. You have two options. Or is it corruption to give those who have little Declaration, more money, who has big Declaration – less. This is obvious nonsense. Or, let’s give less. Then the one who has millions, he is not needed, the one who lives for a wage, he demands. This is a very difficult dilemma. I think the problem is not the amount of wages received by the Deputy. The President of the USA has about 200 thousand dollars. salaries, but it costs millions or billions. In this case, it is not a question of “how much”. The nation asks the man of the MP, from the Minister, from the Prime Minister to work out the money… the issue is not the size of the salary, and the effectiveness of government and public confidence in the government.

Ivan Vinnik, BPP

This is a philosophical question, to pay or not to pay the salaries of civil servants. If we want, in the end, to have a professional power if we want to have professional managers in the government that guided the country on the path of reform, we have to decide whether to pay a salary at all. Usually motivational package any Manager who develops, including, of proper wages, which is usually calculated in relation to those powers, who has a corresponding Manager, and in relation to the quality of the performance of its functions.

Alexey Goncharenko, BPP

It has long been necessary at the Deputy to take everything and that he was zero, zero naked. Because the fucker never earned even 1 UAH. This we all know.

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Serhiy Taruta, independent

I think that deputies do not work out even on the salary that you now receive. About improve – it is unfair in relation to other categories in Ukraine, who suffer more than these MPs, who in “dogovornjakah” and receive bribes.

Viktor Chumak, member of any faction

I say Yes, it should. Yes, not all MPs need not all members do not receive this money, even the majority not receiving this salary. But those deputies who live on this salary, in principle, work at it, Yes they need it… If the society is satisfied that the members receive a small salary here, but steal it, then let the society be satisfied that the deputies steal. Then let it closes the eyes, and said, “let the deputies steal”. But if the society says “no, let’s require them to be more responsible, but to pay the fine”, then let’s change this system.

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Dmytro Dobrodomov, independent

When, during Yatsenyuk was one extreme and deputies received 4.5 thousand UAH – it was wrong. When we returned with the same pay it today I find acceptable. If we have improved the lives of teachers and doctors by 20-30%, the pensioners, then it would be possible to say. Not to say that the members receive a small salary, with all the bonuses of money is enough to feel normal.

Повышать депутатам зарплату или нет: Мнения народных избранников
Повышать депутатам зарплату или нет: Мнения народных избранников

Повышать депутатам зарплату или нет: Мнения народных избранников