To lose weight in a weekend without training is possible – scientists

Худеть в выходные без тренировок можно - ученые

Scientists have found that will help burn calories and curb appetite, keeping the effect for the next two days.

Experts at the University of Texas have discovered a new effective scheme for weight loss. She suggests that you lose weight two days doing nothing. Reported Molecular Metabolism.

Scientists have studied the neural network of the brain that are activated during exercise. Such linkages discovered in humans and mice. In rodents set up an experiment, which showed that the training effect lasts 48 hours.

It turned out that one-hour workout on the treadmill, in mice improves metabolism, reduces blood sugar level and reduces appetite for six hours.

Experts say that the clock running on Friday will allow you to lose weight and all through the weekend, while doing nothing. For best results, repeat training is required every third day. This effect is due to the work of neural connections.

Earlier Suprun told how pepper helps to lose weight. Chili pepper and curcumin have a positive effect on gut bacteria and as a consequence the ability to lose weight.

It was also reported that scientists have found a brand new method of weight loss.

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