To reduce water tariffs will be using coal

Снижать тарифы на воду будут с помощью угля

The energy Ministry will transfer the power plant to coal

Ukrainian thermal power plants plan to move to coal to reduce the tariffs for hot water.

To reduce prices on hot water in Ukraine, it is planned to transfer to thermal electric power plants from gas to coal. This was during a Cabinet meeting said the Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik, reports 112 Ukraina.

According to him, despite raising gas prices, the cost of coal has remained unchanged.

“The gas we rose, but coal price has not risen, and those utility companies that generate from coal, they will not increase the price nor heat nor hot water. Those objects that we have clean gas, it is mainly Kharkiv, Lviv, here we present now the projects by their full modernization,” – said the Minister.

Nasalik noted that 45% of Kiev CHP plant can be transferred to the coal.

“Kiev will be in two parts divided, half on coal will be provided, and the other on gas. But I want to make this mix, and pricing to reduce the overall cost for hot water including heat capacity and of the expected price. Now we have to convert some power plants directly on the coal, and to take the maximum amount. Technical capabilities 45% of the city of Kiev we can provide over the coals, and it means that the price practically has not changed,” he said.

In Ukraine from July 1, expensive hot water. In particular, in Kiev, the water will rise to 62-75 hryvnia per cubic meter.

In Ukraine came into force the new tariffs for gas