To restore broadcasting in the Donbass it is necessary to release him, – stets

Для возобновления вещания на Донбассе надо его освободить, - Стець

To restore broadcasting in the occupied Donbas have to release him. This was stated by the Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yuriy stets in an interview ЛІГА.net.

“In order to resume broadcasting, we need to liberate the Lugansk and Donetsk. It is no secret that the largest rigs with the most powerful transmitters in the region are in Lugansk and Donetsk”, – he said.

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At the same time, stets said that the consideration of the Cabinet of Ministers submitted the draft on the construction of new towers. “You can build new towers, and we have submitted this project for consideration of the Cabinet, but let us realize that even in the case of a positive resolution to build them for a month or two will not work”, – he added.

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At the same time, according to him, the Agency is doing everything possible in this situation. “If you look at the reports in the direction of the establishment of the Ukrainian broadcasting in the Donbass, you will see the successful attempts of the Ministry to obtain equipment (analog transmitters) our partners: USA, Lithuania and Poland free of charge. The Ministry established a Commission, which distributes this equipment in the field. This is a top priority of the Ministry. And already, about 25 transmitters are on the frontline. But if they can cover the entire perimeter of contact between Ukrainian signal? No, you can’t. This prevents the terrain”, – concluded the Minister.

Recall that the MIP are intended to be installed this year in the area of the ATO three of the TV tower.