To the Ukrainian border sent the 59th Russian “Humanos”

К украинской границе направляется 59-й российский "гумконвой"

Over 40 cars in violation of international law, went to the Donbass through uncontrolled Ukrainian border territory. This was reported by the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

It is alleged that the trucks carrying more than 400 tons of cargo. The bulk, as we are assured in the EMERCOM of Russia, food, medical supplies, Christmas gifts and necessities.

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Before arriving at the state border, the convoy will split into two parts. One of them will proceed to the checkpoint “Donetsk”, the second “Matveyev Kurgan”.

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This time, it is also reported that the convoy consists of doctors and technical personnel, ostensibly to provide in the way of timely assistance to drivers and staff accompanying the shipment.

Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and security forces have repeatedly stated that under the guise of “humanitarian convoys” military command of the Russian Federation gives the Russian military and mercenaries combustive-lubricating materials, new equipment, arms and ammunition back and removes the body of the dead militants.