To use aircraft to extinguish a fire in Balakleya impossible involved fire tanks – Goschs

Применять авиацию для тушения пожара в Балаклее невозможно, задействованы пожарные танки, - ГосЧС

Units of the SES heading towards a military warehouse in Balakliya, 23.03.2017 G.

The rescuers could not use aircraft to extinguish a fire at an ammunition depot in Balakleya of Kharkov region, therefore, involved fire tanks. The journalists said the Deputy head of the Department of emergency response Peter Korotynsky, write “Ukrainian news”.

“Aviation cannot be applied in this situation. Ammo explode and scatter, the range of the spread is 0.5-1 km away, where firefighters used tanks from the Ministry of defence, there is a special team that has armored vehicles that can go in there and carry out the necessary work,” he said.

Thus, the SES could not predict when will the elimination of fire.

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We will remind, in the town of Balakleya of Kharkov region tonight there was an explosion followed by fire on a large military warehouse. Part of the population of Balakley, as well as residents of the surrounding villages that fall within the zone of possible defeat, evacuate. As of 09:00 evacuated about 20 thousand people.

SBU opened the proceedings on the explosions at military depots in Balakleya under article “Diversion”

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