Today in Krivoe Ozero not found the gun that fatally wounded Zuckerman, frost

Сегодня в Кривом Озере не нашли пистолет, из которого смертельно ранили Цукермана, - Мороз

Today the gun, which is material evidence in the murder case of man in crooked Lake, were not given results and will be continued at a later date. This was announced by acting chief of the Department of national police of the Nikolaev area Yury Moroz on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“With regard to the search for weapons, unfortunately, today’s search yielded no results. Although he worked four divers with metal detectors, but the river is heavily silted, making it very difficult to search. But this work will continue,” said frost.

He suggested that the suspect incorrect place. He also said that the investigation is Prosecutor’s office.

According to the VA. the chief of national police of the Nikolaev area made on the appointment of his deputies continues. He announced the promulgation of a new personnel decisions next week.

Recall now the Deputy of the faction “popular front” Vadim Podbereznyak, which is on the scene, reported that the morning continued the search of the specified gun.